Red Dead Redemption Liars n' Cheats DLC Review

by Brent Roberts

Lock n' load and ride with me back into the west as XboxAddict takes you through the new Red Dead Redemption DLC: Liars n' Cheats. This new content is priced at 800 MS points and offers a lot for the value which we will cover. At the end of this hopefully we will clarify whether this DLC should be roped in, or led out to pasture.

To start this with a bang we have to mention the new weapon that is included in the Liars n' Cheats DLC, the explosive rifle. This weapon is hands down one of the, if not the, strongest weapon in the game. Cover is something that becomes almost irrelevant when you unleash one round of this gun because the round is highly explosive. There are though drawbacks for the weapon. One big drawback is ammo is very, very scarce, so conserve and choose when you want to use your weapon.  Another thing to remember is that this gun does not feature an auto lock, so make sure you do not miss. 

One of the new innovations that are included in Liars n' Cheats is the addition of the multiplayer games: Texas Hold 'em and Liar's Dice. Texas Hold 'em allows multiple players to buy in and prove who's got the best game, and Liar's Dice pits multiple gamers against each other to see just who does tell the truth.  With different locations, buy-ins, payouts, and achievements, these additions alone make this DLC a must have.

Innovations abound in this DLC, as a new competitive multiplayer mode is introduced.  The new mode is called Stronghold and pits 16 players in an old fashion attack and defend fight. Attackers are forced to take control points over various levels, and the defenders must do anything they can to prevent that from happening.  Communication is critical as you engage the levels of Blackwater, Escalera, Fort Mercer, and Thieves Landing.

Liars n' Cheats brings with it a great new multiplayer experience with online horse racing throughout the wild west. This is not though your typical style horse race as now you have the added twist of mounted combat. You start with a fixed amount of ammo and weapons, but you can acquire more as you run over dropped weapons. If you should bite the bullet while racing, you will respawn with only a slight time penalty. Another interesting twist is that this mode offers no auto lock on feature, so make sure you take great aim in making your shots count.  Race to the finish, but watch your back.

Adding to the already extensive amount of content is the addition of seven new gang hideouts and four new hunting grounds. Some of the new gang hideouts are Venter's Place, Critchley's Ranch, Warthington Ranch, Crooked Toes, Rancho Polvo and more, and provide new areas for challenges and experience. The new hunting grounds are taken from the hunting challenges in single player. Gamers will fight off various animal attacks in order to gain the opportunity to hunt the legendary beasts themselves. Be ready though because these animals attack fast and hit hard, and the legendary animals themselves are not to be taken lightly.

Liars n' Cheats isn't done there though, because it also includes 15 new multiplayer characters such as: John Marston, Bill Williamson, Abigail Marston, Irish, Nigel West Dickens, Edgar Ross, and more. On top of all of this, Liars n' Cheats adds a possible 100 gamerscore points for all you achievement hunters out there!

Without question Liars n' Cheats brings a massive load of amazing content to an already stellar game. With all these innovations and additions, and a price point of only 800 MS points, Liars n' Cheats is a must have. It's time to dust off the hat and get back to the west, because now we have the new Liars n' Cheats DLC for Red Dead Redemption.


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