Halo Reach Defiant Map Pack Review

by Gail Countaway

Just when you thought Halo: Reach couldn't get any better, IT DOES! With some new DLC for this already amazing game, 343 Industries brings us three new maps. Get ready to frag your way through more hours of multiplayer fun, new achievements and plenty of action! For 800 Microsoft points, strap on your jet packs and lets head out Spartan as we take on the Convenant and find out what's lurking around the next turn.

First up we have the new multiplayer map Condemned. Taking place on Orbital Station Gamma, this new map features a lot of open areas. It's great for the head-exploding sniper but don't get to relaxed because this map also accommodates the in-your-face shot-gunner on your team leaving you a sitting duck when you decide to go for the headshot. In the middle of this floating war zone you will find the zero-gravity area forcing you to switch up your tactics just a little, but beware, because although it's fun to jump around tossing plasma grenades and blowing off rockets, zero-gravity means zero defense as your movement speed is cut in half or more.

Highlands is the second of the two multiplayer maps and is definitely the largest. This map takes place on the Military Training Preserve on Reach. Surrounded by trees and mountains there is certainly a lot for the eyes to take in. This map offers up a huge battle field with plenty of vehicles to choose from such as ghosts, warthogs and even a mongoose or two. With many weapons to choose from also, you never have to worry about that warthog that's tearing up and down your base wreaking havoc and spawn killing, because in each base you will find rocket launchers, sniper rifles, spartan lasers and more!

Overall, both mulitplayer maps are a lot of fun and can support teams of 8-16 players. With many different game types to choose from like big team battle, team slayer, team objective based games and more. The possibilities really are endless and can easily be fine-tuned for any gamer.

As you know, we've all been asking for new firefight maps. Well players, ask and you shall receive, because the third map which is called Unearthed, is a brand new firefight map. Putting you smack dab in the middle of an abandoned titanium mining site, this map can be played either inside or outside. Outside is bright and lit up by the sun, and the Convenant is coming at you from all sides but not to worry because you have plenty of defensive options available to you. What sets this map aside from other firefight levels is that this one is more focused on vehicles for both you and the army of attacking alien forces. While they are attacking in their wraiths and ghosts, you in turn will have your rocket launching warthog. You can also expect to see a few good things falling from the sky with ordinance drops filled with all kinds of tactical goodies. The base, which has many levels also has miniguns to help you out along the way and inside, you can expect to see plenty of rooms for added cover.

The maps offer more fun and extended multiplayer game play, however despite everything that's offered, 3 maps and 3 new achievements, the cost of this map pack is still 10 dollars. If you are not a die-hard Halo fan we would suggest waiting for this map pack to go on sale before picking it up, on the other hand if you eat, sleep and drink Halo only then this map pack is a must have for you.


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