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Battlefield 3 Box art

Battlefield 3

by Brent Roberts

August 26, 2011

"Bravo team to command, Bravo team to command, do you copy?"..."Copy Bravo team, command standing by, it shows you boys are in a heavy firefight, what have you found?"... "Command, we have found some new intel from XboxAddict regarding the upcoming game Battlefield 3"..."Copy that Bravo team, start your transmission, we are awaiting the package"... "Copy that command, transmission commencing"...

In the world of first person shooters there are few that standout as an industry staple, however, the people at DICE and EA have created just that.  Battlefield 3 sets its sights on become the definitive leader in first person military shooters.  We here at XboxAddict are going to take you to the front lines and showcase an abundance of great new additions that will make Battlefield 3 "THE military first person shooter".  By placing you in real life cities such as Paris, Tehran, and New York City, Battlefield 3 is set to provide one of the most realistic war time experiences we have ever witnessed.  Grab your weapon of choice soldier because we are hitting the front lines running, right now.

One of the greatest aspects that the Battlefield series has been known for are its graphics and in Battlefield 3 we are treated to a totally new and revamped graphics engine.  You may be thinking that it just applies to how beautiful the levels look, but that's where this new graphics engine shines because it offers so much more.  Now when you fire into some form of stationary cover, or even blow a building in half the new graphics engine screams ahead and unveils its true power by letting you see every single finite detail of your destruction.  If you have an enemy behind a brick wall and you shoot the wall, not only will the bullet leave a hole in the brick as you fire, but you will also notice how the dust, dirt, and wall itself reacts to the concussive force of your arsenal by showcasing small clouds of dust that erupt not only from your new hole in the wall, but you will see how the force travels down the entire length of the wall just like it would in real life.  When buildings get demolished you will bear witness to every single piece of scrap falling individually in a chaotic rain of destruction just like in reality.  The graphics though are not just limited to the personnel, because every vehicle has now received this royal treatment.  Now when you are strapped into a tank and you unload your massive cannon, your tank will actually produce a cloud of dust and dirt around it just like we have all seen in real military combat.  When you bear witness to a chopper flying overhead you will see how the trees move and sway in the wind, and how the concentric circles disperse from the center of the chopper.  All of this adds up to one thing; Battlefield 3's graphics will provide you the most realistic war experience you have ever seen.

Making its return in Battlefield 3 is the customization options for your soldier.  Now every weapon has multiple customization options so you now have the ability to equip the weapon you want to use and make it how you want to use it.  One of the new innovations is the inclusion of a bipod customization option.  This works hand in hand with their new gameplay innovations of not only crouching but lying prone on the ground.  The reason the bipod provides you a great new customization is that it will automatically deploy when you are prone or against cover and will grant you the ability to stabilize your shot which in turn will increase your accuracy when you are going for that all important head shot.  Now let's say you want to customize your sniper with this new bipod, you are in for a treat as the bipod takes up only one customization slot granting you the ability to put whatever scope, magazine, stock, and more that you want on your weapon.  Battlefield 3 wants you to make the game how you want and wants you to have every option to ensure you come back home from this war.

There are a ton of new innovations that we would like to talk about, but alas we don't want to ruin this preview by spoiling everything for you.  This coming October, get ready for the most realistic war experience you have ever had.  Be prepared to be blow away by phenomenal innovations and improvements to the field of battle.  Heads up soldier, for here comes Battlefield 3.  "Transmission terminated"...


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