STAFF REVIEW of Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions (Xbox 360)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010.
by Brent Roberts

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Box art *Hmmmm.. let's see the headline on today's front page of the Daily Bugle...*

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!!Attention Daily Bugle Readers!!
!!Attention Daily Bugle Readers!!
The Daily Bugle has announced that
Spiderman Shattered Dimensions is
UNDER REVIEW by XboxAddict!!

XboxAddict is bringing an in-depth look at the latest installment featuring Spiderman! You will get a detailed review of all the gameplay mechanics, visual eye candy, and all the bad pun jokes you can thwip your web at. As all of you know our editor-in-chief Mr. J. Jonah Jameson is adamant that you readers understand everything there is to know about Spiderman Shattered Dimensions, so that way you have the full truth behind the man... err...mask.

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We all have looked up from time to time to try to catch a glimpse of our city's favorite spider. We have all wondered, at one point or another, what it would be like if we could have the same abilities as he does. In Activision's new release of Spiderman Shattered Dimensions we finally get our wish granted. For the first time we get to experience Spiderman across multiple dimensions; four to be exact. Each of which give a unique perspective and play style that all combine into one story which has Marvel's stamp of approval. Ever wonder, if he has so much power, then why doesn't he perform such amazing moves that clear groups of enemies in an instant? In Spiderman Shattered Dimensions you get to fully unlock all of Spidey's true potential and turn him into the web-slinger we have always wanted to be.

Spiderman's main focus of his combat is fluidity. Every move seems seamless when deep in a 100 or even 200 hit combo, but the real beauty rests in something that has always seemed to be Spidey's downfall... the dreaded camera. Granted Peter Parker does take good photographs of our web-head, but in some previous Spiderman games, we have not enjoyed a good camera system.... until now. Thankfully in Shattered Dimensions we get a new and improved camera system that will allow you to easily track and follow Spidey almost better than Parker himself.... how does he get those great pictures?? Through the new camera system, gamers can enjoy the new lock on feature that makes combat much more easy and allows a greater sense of control by allowing you to auto focus lock and auto center the camera onto enemies, and that is something that is important when you are zipping around tall buildings, or falling 50 stories from one.

There is however a little bit of a learning curve when it comes to managing your camera while you are crawling from walls to ceilings, or vice versa. When you climb to different surfaces it helps to auto center the camera to ensure that you get your right bearings, however, after a little practice and getting the feel of the camera, you'll be moving like true Spidey in no time.

The sound for this game is eerily good. Every single little detail has been taken into account in regards to making this the most authentic Spiderman game...ever. (I know a bit dramatic but it sells right?.. right???) Throughout the different dimensions you will be treated to some classic Spidey voices which personally helps the game a lot. A lot of attention was given to the voice of the spider and that shows by having Neil Patrick Harris (Spidey's voice from the MTV cartoon) play the voice of Amazing Spiderman, Christopher Barnes ('90s cartoon series) voices up the infamous Noir Spiderman, Josh Keaton (Spectacular Spiderman cartoon) brings to life the voice of Ultimate Spiderman, and wrapping up the amazing voice cast is Dan Gilvezan ('80s cartoon Spiderman and his amazing friends) who shines in the role of Spiderman 2099.

The attention to the detail of the music shows in every aspect of the game and is a big reason why this could possibly be the best Spidey game we have ever had.

Visually speaking, Spiderman Shattered Dimensions showcases our hero in various dynamic fashions. Such examples would be: In the Noir dimension you play a more stealth focused role by stalking and taking your enemies out from the shadows, and of course avoiding bullets (seriously I'm allergic to bullets, it says so on my medical bracelet). In the Amazing dimension you are treated to bright vibrant colors and amazing crisp detail. Every boss battle brings (try saying that 5 times fast) forth a true sense of evil as they are brought to life in amazing detail. You'll laugh with Deadpool, cry with... well.. Deadpool, and cheer with... well... never mind you get the idea.

Other bosses thankfully bring forth their own twist on evil. Electro has ditched the green and yellow and now has gone for the no pants pure energy look like he's competing head to head with Dr. Manhattan of The Watchmen, for the best build of pure energy (Even that didn't sound quite right). Spiderman Shattered Dimensions offers a more linear level style of play, but that's not to say it's a bad thing as you'll soon read about.

Most of the level design is brilliantly laid out and innovative. For instance when you go up against the Sandman your level consists mostly of him as a massive tornado that is just destroying the level in front of you and forces our favorite spider to whip from one flying debris object to another (Yes his sand does get everywhere). The Deadpool level brings Spiderman to an oil rig to compete on his own show... yes that's right, I can't believe it either but Deadpool has his own show called Pain Factor. Imagine what a real game of Survivor would be if you were the only one stranded on a metal island with not just Deadpool's mocking, but an army of his heavily armed unpaid interns, by unpaid interns... I mean his fans, and by fans I mean a bunch of crazy thugs with big guns. Some of the new innovative levels also include your favorite web-slinger performing some amazing halo... wait.. can't say that.. umm.. High Altitude Low Opening scenes in which not only do you have to dodge explosions, trains, and cars, but you also get to engage in combat while doing so. So while the levels may be more linear than past Spiderman games, this saves us the hassle of expansive tiresome fetching in a city with a bad camera (yes there are a few fetching parts in this game, but because it's levels are more linear, it makes it a far less annoying feature).

Each level also brings with it a section of Spiderman's web-of-destiny, which are 15 individual mini challenges that Spidey can try to achieve throughout the course of the level. This was a great idea in that it helped add a lot more focus on variety than just swing and punch (I'm a good dancer too). Through your completion of your web-o-destiny thing, Spidey will earn bonuses that will help unlock more abilities in combat upgrades, individual character stat increases, as well as other suits in his multi-dimensional closet (It's got to be that big for all his boots).

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As we swing our way home, we must ask ourselves if this game is truly a great Spiderman game, or if this is just another time our favorite spider gets lost in translation? (I really liked that movie) Thankfully XboxAddict can say that this is very close to the Arkham Asylum of the Spiderman world. The level innovations, Deadpool.. I mean boss scenes (he always tries to work himself in somehow), the ease of movement and combat, the wonderful attention to the sounds of Spiderman, and more make Spiderman Shattered Dimensions hands down one of the best, if not the best, Spiderman game we have had the pleasure of playing. If you are a fan of Deadpool... I mean Spiderman, then this game is a must have. We'll see you on the thwip side.

By: Brent Roberts...err...Eddie Brock

Overall: 8.9 / 10
Gameplay: 8.5 / 10
Visuals: 9.5 / 10
Sound: 9.5 / 10



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