STAFF REVIEW of Aeon Flux (Xbox)

Thursday, December 1, 2005.

Aeon Flux Box art This is a really fun game to play! The game takes place in the not so distant and twisted future and in the 400 years before the movie timeline starts. So in this way I guess it would be regarded as a prequel. This should put most gamers? minds at ease with regards to ?not another movie game spin-off?!? This game has stealth, speed, kool acrobatic moves, s-e-x appeal and a first rate music sound track. The storyline is really well written as well (not like my review...teehee). They have involved you as the player in a very deep seeded multilayered senerios of espionage, undercover intelligence gathering. They even throw in having to fight your own sister just to add to the emotional twists.

My only regret at this point is that I have not spent enough time playing this game to truly give you an in-depth review. I wholly intend to continue playing because this game really intrigues me and I want to see more of it unfold (even if I have to get my 12 year old daughter to help me out on a few levels?ugh).

You start off playing as the character Aeon Flux who has many former lives and different incarnations to come. The first scene is as an undercover Fashion of the Fittest model. Now, this does not sound that exciting to most of us, but read on. The only modern day similarity here is that you are modeling outfits and \"walking down the cat walk\". From there it gets interesting, really interesting! These so called fashion models have to fight their way through obstacles and eachother. Come on gamers, how many of us wished to see this in modern fashion shows at one time or another? Oh, well maybe that is my fantasy, anyways ?

The controls and combinations are fairly easy to learn even for a novice gamer like myself. Sound, graphics, colours, shading, lighting, and environments are all wonderful and clear to see where most everything is when traveling around. The detail in the setting is great. This goes for the architecture as well as the outside environments and the organic lifeforms. Careful, they will try to do you in as well. Parts of the game play are similar to Prince of Persia with regards to the jumping from polls to horizontal bars and running along walls then jumping off to reach a platform. Now, generally I don?t care much for ?platform? style games but this has more to it than just platforming most of the time.

As a little aside here, if you want to check out the official movie/game site here is the link
It\'s a kool site with alot of extras on the movie and the game.

One of the coolest features in this regard is the Hook! Kind of like Batman?s grappling hook idea where you as the character Aeon Flux can rappel down from a hook point to another level, grasp something and rebound back up, or hook onto some bad guy while you disconnect and they go bye-bye?hehe. Also while using the hook you can shoot at will using your FUG. I?ll let you figure that out in game. Another kool feature is maneuvering around in the Rollers. Now these are meant to transport goods of some kind from one point to another, but occasionally you can get in one to access certain areas and roll over and take out the enemy, very fun!

I only had two main beefs with the game play and they are as follows: One, it would be nice to be able to save the game at any stage of play instead of only being able to save after each mission is completed. This was very frustrating when you could not complete a mission in the real world time you had available. One has to sleep sometime. Two, the Orbs are useful gadgets in the game to activate or turn off gun turrets and such, but they are immensely frustrating to maneuver through the mazes in time before they expire. This one part of the game was the only thing that made me want to pack it in and play something else. This is a very fun game as I mentioned above and it is why I kept trying at these sticking points.

Overall: 8.0 / 10
Gameplay: 6.2 / 10
Visuals: 9.0 / 10
Sound: 8.0 / 10


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