STAFF REVIEW of Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission (Xbox)

Wednesday, February 27, 2002.

Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission Box art Well, Ill start off by saying Wreckless is pretty much a bomb. It is still a good game, and still can be good for a quick fun rampage...but it is not what anyone thought, and really might not be worth $50. It overall deserves a 4.5 because of the creativity and an "interesting" story. However a mear 10 20 levels spread across 2 scenarios isn?t enough to satisfy my changing hunger. For the most part, Wreckless is a broad game. One level is a straight race, where a few more are races against another opponent with either destroying the car or running over more dim sum stands. There is also a destruction derby level and various other levels where you have to find something or do another task. The surprising part is that you would think that the higher the level, the harder. For both scenarios the hardest missions are around the 6th. This makes it a little frustrating for those certain levels that seem impossible. It is worth beating the game, because you can use every car on whatever mission you pick. Usually, you can only use 10 cars for each mission, but beating the game lets you use all of them. You also unlock about half of the cars on the way to just completing the levels, and a few more by ; them in game and then completing that level. Overall it is a nice game, and is fun...but its Max Paynelikeness really drags it down. If you combined Wreckless and PGR, that would be one great game. The problem with Wreckless is not a wide array of replayability. You can only replay missions, and this does get boring. Due to this, after you beat the game in a few full days, you can only play Wreckless for about a maximum of 30minues a day. If there were multiplayer this would improve things dramatically. Unfortunately, I used to love Wreckless, now it is but a good rental.

Wreckless isn?t for impatient people. The missions can make you cringe because you make a simple mistake that costs you the mission and you have to restart. People often complain about not being able to control the vehicle well. I say that it is very easy if you just play. It can be a little difficult at first, but it does take awhile to master. Especially in levels where you have to be fast, but sharp speedy turns are everything...all while you are on a narrow bridge or strip of road. The Physics of Wreckless are pretty nice, and technically Wreckless is great...It just gets boring fast because it is so short. Gameplay isn?t a real big category here, because all you have to do is drive good and follow directions.

Here?s your other game besides Halo that you can make your friend's jaw drop...It is graphically gorgeous and probably one of the best, if not the best game to take advantage of the Xboxes fast CPU and amazing Video power, as well as the RAM because of the massive world. It might seem weird, but all the missions of Wreckless are on one huge world. Just driving down running things over like telephones and see the coins come out is great fun. It is also very fun to get off a jump and run over a row of signs. The cars are, well bar none the best-looking Ever. At least until we see Rallisport, the cars all have real reflections, and they actually do reflect the world around you. They don?t just make something up or reflect the sky. I am talking about if there is a gate next to you, it will reflect it! The cars also have many levels of damage, which is good fun to look at when your car has no hoods or doors and is all crumpled.

The music is nothing too special. Maybe because you are so immersed up in Wreckless you don?t really pay attention to the sound. The effects such as bams and booms are good. Engines sound all right. Wreckless wasn?t meant to be a killer sound game. It really isn?t all that bad, because there are a few good jingles, but it isn?t PGR with the radio and the nice music from your HD. I really think that Wreckless should have supported this feature.

To be successful, you need at least double the missions or add replay value somewhere to make your game worth the $50. Multiplayer would be a spectacular place to start...

Overall: 9.0 / 10
Gameplay: 9.0 / 10
Visuals: 10.0 / 10
Sound: 8.0 / 10


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