STAFF REVIEW of Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee (Xbox)

Saturday, December 15, 2001.

Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee Box art It looks nice and is a good game to show you the power of the almighty X. It is also very innovative because you play with Abe and Munch through the entire game, which adds a little bit of fun, and also makes it harder. Because Abe and Munch both have different abilities, it allows for a more exciting game. Need some more spooce? Get abe to regrow it for you. No where to go and abe cant swim? Better let munch do the work and swim across the water and figure out what to do next. What I like about the game is that its unpredictable, and has a nice story. The only thing I dont like is that once you beat it, if you play it again it loses the challenge of the game and because of this, it has basically no replay value. But when you are playing, its a nice refeshing game that is one thing for sure, different.

Like I have noted in the overall appeal section, you play as both Abe and Munch through the entire game. I dont think I have seen this in any other game. Sure there are games like Resident Evil where you can play the entire game with one character, and then once you beat it you can play with another. Munch's Odyssey has wonderful gameplay. The fact that you dont have one super character that can do it all makes this a great game. Abe and munch both have weak and strong points, and this makes them very balanced. Munch cant attact without a powerup, he can be hard to manuever at times because of his 1 foot hop walk and walks slow. However he can controll things like claws and snoozer robots, get zap powerups, swim fast and jump high while in water. He can also ride in a wheelchair so he isint as slow on land. Abe can walk and jump a lot faster and higher than Munch, can slap people and can get his Mudokin friends to do things for him. However he cannot swim. Those are just a few. Its just the innovation of throught the game where you must leave one character and let the other go do his special skills. There are areas that seem to be the same, like you have already dont this, but it is a new turn on the same area. I dont think the fact that they reuse areas a huge negative, compared to all the other pluses of the game.

It is very nice. It is one of the most visually stunning games for the XBox at launch. Now you might say that DoA3 has the best graphics, but I think that Munchs Odyssey has the best graphics for what it is trying to show. DoA3 prolly has the best realistic graphics, and Halo is up there as well. Munchs Odyssey has great graphics, considering the characters came from a PSX game, that was only 2D. For example, PGR has amazing graphics. But there are physical things to model after. If they have the car, it wont be too hard to make that car 3D on a computer. Munchs Odyssey is basically that the developers had in their heads. And I think they did a wonderful job.

Being you need GameSpeak, I think they there should be much more sounds for commands. For example, there are a limited number of sayinga a Mudokin will say if Abe greets them. It is the same if he tells them to fight or work. The sounds are pretty annoying, such as Munch's hopping. It almost hurts my ears. The cinematics with voice are very nice. I have learned to concentrate on playing the game than listening to it. Its not really bad, but theres room for improvement.

Munchs Odyssey has little to no replay value. For a $50 game, you need to add something. FOr Munchs Odyssey it is hard, because it is only a story. I dont really know what you can do other than making it longer, or make it sonicish where you have multiple characters and have them all play the game and let the stories interweave.

Overall: 9.0 / 10
Gameplay: 10.0 / 10
Visuals: 10.0 / 10
Sound: 8.0 / 10


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