STAFF REVIEW of Dead to Rights (Xbox)

Saturday, August 24, 2002.
by Tony Ingrassia

Dead to Rights Box art My first comment to everyone is, learn how to play the game, it's not all about shooting, you need to develope some skills. With that being said, this game has all the action you can handle and more. Done very movie like from the opening credits to the storyline. Fast paced gun play with a mixture of hand to hand and mini games (Small challenges to win cigs to trade for service, etc...)to progress through the story. There are so many ways to work your way through a chapter it's insane, and i would venture that no 2 players did it the same way. Each chapter (Level) is a slightly different game, shooter once, fighter the next. The addition of a well designed control system (IMO), human shields, awsome disarm moves, wall mode (the best i've ever seen) and mans best friend to bail you out in a pinch makes for a very intriguing game. Difficult at times, but i've noticed if you study the action it's more managable. DO NOT BUTTON MASH!! You'll just get frustrated. I think the developers deserve alot of credit, we always say graphics don't make a game, well, they delivered adequate graphics and put all the effort into the game. Addicting, exciting and hard to put down.

I will admit, after my first hour of play i was ready to pitch the game, so i put it down and came back to it later, i'm glad i did. Gameplay takes a little getting used to,not because the controls are difficult, but figuring out the best way through a situation. A good example is the slow motion bullet time. This will definatly give you an advantage over a crowd of thugs, you can shoot one and immediatlly target the next with a flick of your right joystick, nail as may as you can before you hit the ground, works well with shotguns. Another wonderfull effect is exploding canisters, yep, throw a canister into a crowd, target it and KABOOM!! In the unfortunate instance you blow through all your ammo in the middle of overwhelming forces, you can send Shadow (Your Dog) in for a quick attack and retreval of a weapon. Maybe a little odd, but i think it was a nice touch. The levels are designed as "Chapters" in the story, and each one is a little diffrent from the other, in chapter 3 you need to get yourself out of prison, your a cop on the inside with no friends and no gun, you do the math. I feel that the way the game kinda changes as you go along is it's appeal, you do feel like your in the story. There is just so much to this game i feel no review could do it true justice.

OK, OK, visually this game is nothing to stand up and cheer about, as far as XBOX standards. The charecters, environments, and effects are all well done, could have been better, but i have to give them a little bit of a pass because the time they spent on the actual game is evident. The camera angles have their moments, but they are few and far between, lighting , shadows and such, agian, are all above average. In short, the graphic short comings take nothing away from this game.

Lots of ambient sounds, takes full advantage of 5.1 DD. They did pay attention to detail, a shotgun sounds nothing like a machine gun or asault rifle, you hear the bullet casings hitting the floor, and the pounding heart of our hero when he is near the end adds some suspence. The voice acting is ok, very "Typical" lines and comments. Again i have to give the game a little pass due to the game itself.

If this games graphics were brought to an XBOX level, this game would have been perfect. Job well done none the less. Knock me out with DTR2.

Overall: 10.0 / 10
Gameplay: 10.0 / 10
Visuals: 9.0 / 10
Sound: 8.0 / 10


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