STAFF REVIEW of NFL Fever 2003 (Xbox)

Wednesday, September 4, 2002.

NFL Fever 2003 Box art Well I would have too say that Microsoft has put out a solid hard hitting football game for the Xbox. This is much improved from the 2002 title. This game will have you coming back for more, and you will pound your little fingers too the bone. I?m going to have too go out and buy another controller since I wore all the color off the one I have now. With the great cinematics and life like plays and tactics this game comes though as a very solid title.

This game is just plain fun too play in my book. Both offence and defense controls are amazing. You have your classic juke and jiving type of moves you can do in your running game. It?s these kinds of things that make a big football fan light up when there sitting in front of the console. I like the control setup. Its much easier too understand and change up than many other football titles I have seen over the last couple of years. Learning the controls overall took me about 20 min. After that I was on my way too going toe too toe with some of the greatest teams in the NFL. Choosing plays is a breeze, so even if you don?t know much about picking a play before you get the snap you don?t have much of a problem figuring out witch direction your running back is going to go. Pictures tell it all. Study the pics of the different plays and read off your oppoints and in no time you will have them running for mercy. If that don?t work then Fever 2003 has the ability too design your own offensive and defensive plays. You can execute them as audible or add them too you?re (My Plays list). I found that this Is a good way too get the upper hand on your opponents. Overall this game delivers that good ol?e fast paced arcade feeling with a punch. Ahh I can?t forget too mention the multiplayer part of this great title. This baby is an Xbox live title people so look for some major back talk and taunting from your buddies in the future. Overall the game play is right where it needs too be, and the ability too pretty much create your own football franchise is a good thing for those who have dreamed of having there own team.

Fever 2003 is definitely looking much better than its 2002 title. The overall player detail is pretty darn good. I even noticed that the sidelines look much better especially the cheerleaders. You still have the gigantic looking quarterbacks and defensive players like always but they look better. Can you say more polygons? Overall the animations are pretty good Microsoft threw in a few new ones this year too add a bit of spice. Even though animations are cool they can cause problems. I noticed that some of the new ones in this title seems too force the players in a direction you don?t want them too go. Although this is easy too workaround I found it abit annoying at times. In conclusion the overall visual of this title will not disappoint in my book.

You will get the TV style presentation feel when you hear the commentary from Dick Stockton and Ron Pitts. These guys know there stuff but can also get on your nerves. There are some pretty cool down home football marches combined with a bit of drum beat. Don?t be surprised if you get annoyed buy them before supper time. Be sure and watch the intro video. It?s good and will pump you up and make you wanna get dirty. If you have a 5.1 system then turn her on and listen too the crowd. This title fully supports 5.1 and uses it pretty well.

Work on the commentary. Make the players a little more maneuverable on the running game side.

Overall: 9.0 / 10
Gameplay: 9.0 / 10
Visuals: 9.0 / 10
Sound: 8.0 / 10


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