STAFF REVIEW of TimeSplitters 2 (Xbox)

Monday, January 6, 2003.
by l Maximus l

TimeSplitters 2 Box art Ah, First Person shooters certainly hold dear to my heart and Timesplitters 2 is definately a welcomed FPS for the XBox. If you're getting bored with Halo (if that were possible) or don't have XBox Live, I strongly recommend picking up or checking out this game. Everything about this game screams quality and for an FPS, it is at the top of it's class. It's not quite the epic that Halo is; however, it can easily stand on it's own. Do yourself a favor and don't pass up on this awesome game. Allow me to explain myself further as we break the game down.

Wow! Can you say "Bond, James Bond"? This stuff was ripped right out of the major hit, Goldeneye. Not that it's a bad thing, mind you...actually it's fantastic. Everything you loved about that "oh so dear to my heart" first person shooter has been greatly expanded upon. The controls have been laid out so that it is almost identical to Halo with the exception of a jump button. You can strafe your enemy and zoom-in on him with your Sniper Rifle with ease. The game is broken up into 3 different modes: Story (where you basically follow the oh so important story as a single player or grab a buddy and roll this puppy in cooperative play), Arcade (with this mode, you can fully customize everything about your deathmatch. With tons of weapons, playable characters, and new levels to unlock, you will be playing for a long time), and finally is the Challenge Mode (in this you are put in all sorts of challenges such as breaking so many windows with a brick in a certain amount of time to blasting zombie's heads off for a certain amount of time). Lest I forget the awesome mapmaker. This feature is great. It's akin to the level editor in Tony Hawk 4 where you can build your own levels and multi-player arenas and even set mission objectives. It's all extremely easy to do and brings the replay value of this game way up.

Ah yes, the infamous graphics. First off, let me say that the graphics are done very well. Some of the effects such as rain and snow look extremely detailed. The character models also look nice. There are over 80 to choose from and each are progressively more and more goofy. For instance: You start off with humans and can unlock numerous characters and even a 6 foot duck that makes this astounding ~QuAk!!!~ noise when you shoot at it! It's great fun! The best thing is that it all runs at a smooth consistant framerate, thanks to the power of the black and green X. Even with up to 16 players in multi-player, I didn't even notice a hicup. I would like to mention that this is a port of a PS2 game so the technical achievements seen here probably could have been vastly improved upon. Here's hoping TS3 debuts on the XBox.

Unfortunately, this is where I find fault with the game. The music is generic and monotonous. I don't understand why we aren't able to make our own custom tracks to listen to, which I believe would save this category from it's chilled depths. But, I will give some props to the sound effects...I definately can go as far as calling them decent, but, it is noteworthy to mention that many of them were recycled from the original Time Splitters. One of my biggest peaves of all is that Time Splitters 2 doesn't seem to support 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. One other fault I discovered, which doesn't actually detract from the game whatsoever, is on the character select screen. When you are choosing your characters, you'll find yourself listening to absolutely nothing only because the music cuts out for a second or two when you choose your individual characters.

Freeradical has done an excellent job with Timesplitters 2. The only suggestions I have is that next time they boost up the sound quality and give us the option to play ripped tracks. Also, I think Timesplitters 2 would benefit from even more game modes and options. This game is just begging to be bigger, not that it's not huge already. It's just that with this type of game, there is no such thing as too much! Keep up the good work!

Overall: 9.0 / 10
Gameplay: 9.0 / 10
Visuals: 8.0 / 10
Sound: 6.0 / 10


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