STAFF REVIEW of Minority Report: Everybody Runs (Xbox)

Friday, January 17, 2003.
by ShannonX

Minority Report: Everybody Runs Box art I began playing this game with some doubt in my mind as to how well it would be pulled off. I've never played a quality game that has been based on movies or tv shows. Sadly, that trend has continued with this game. If you've never watched the movie or read the book its based on, heres a quick run down of whats happening. You are part of a Precrime division dedicated to stopping murders before they happen. But then your suddenly accused of committing a future murder and you must fight other Precrime officers and thugs to set the record straight. If your a huge minority report fanatic, you may enjoy this game. Maybe.

Gameplay is brought to you via the 3rd person perspective. If you want to compare the gameplay to other games on the market, think of Hunter: The Reckoning. Hunter was a button masher, although a fun button masher. Minority Report is a button masher as well, although a terribly created button masher. Yes, you do recieve weapons throughout the game, but there is so little ammo to find and use that you spend 95% of the time pushing your X,B, and A buttons to perform combos, sometimes overly impressive combos. There's nothing like doing a power throw and watching the bad guy bounce of the floor and hit the ceiling. Hilarious actually.

The we get to the load screens. You play a little bit, load, play a cut scene, sometimes it quick saves, load, then some actual gameplay. You're sitting at load screens nearly as long as you play and that is very irritating to say the least.

There are some serious issues with the AI in the game as well. AI conrolled characters readily shoot their coworkers and at times just run straight into walls and keep trying to run even though they cant go anywhere. Even the collision detection needs work. One instance of this is when I knocked out a officer while he was on the other side of a wall. Interesting.

The graphics were probably the only good thing about this game. I found myself having more fun breaking windows, desks, soda machines, and electronic displays than I actually had actually playing the game. The textures in the game aren't to terribly bad. Sometimes a little bland or repetitive, especially when it comes to NPC's throughout the game. There seems to be two or three different Precrime officer's, a few different thugs, and a few different mall security. You see these same guys over and over again throughout the game and it gets monotonous. The actual character models seem to be designed fairly well. Although at this stage of the Xbox's life, that should be a given. The lighting in the game is either bright are dark. Theres really no use of lighting effects like you would find in games like Splinter Cell, at least that I could find. There was a few areas that had smoke/fog which actually looked fairly decent, but other than that... Poof!

Sound? Well, there was sound in the game. The sound of smashing glass and breaking tables was probably the best aspect of the sound in the game. All the guns had a small, shallow sound that didn't really sound like a gun at all. You hear an occasional grunt every now and then when your fighting, but even those are barely noticeable. You do get to see your character wretch when he gets shocked with the shock weapon some of the Precrime officers carry. They actually did a good job on that sound effect. Dont expect quality sound, you won't get it.

The concept of the game is a good one. Perhaps you should convert any sequels into a first person shooter. I personally think this game would have been much better that way. Work on the sound affects and give us a bigger variety of baddies to fight. Thats about all I can think of to suggest right now. Good luck on future endevours.

Overall: 5.0 / 10
Gameplay: 4.0 / 10
Visuals: 7.0 / 10
Sound: 3.0 / 10


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