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04-02-2002, 06:27 PM
This is for the braver then me ppl who want to paint their controllers. This is just a few tips on what type of spray paint to use. (Not that I encourage it)........

For the primer u need to use a primer called plasticide, this stuff is made for plastic and is a must to stop paint from peeling or cracking. Give the controller at least two coats of this stuff because it also acts as a key for the main coat..

Second, for the main coat, this may sound strange but I personally think its best for the job, and that is spray that is used for motorcycle exhaust systems, this will stop the paint from rubbing of from the sweat simply because it strong enough to prevent petrol from making the paint peel, second with this type of paint, the hotter the paint becomes the harder it sets.. kinda kinky…. which also stops paint form rubbing off……..
Any other way and I’m pretty sure within a short time other paint will start to come off and look crap…

Oh I posted a thread saying I had lost the bottle to purchase an Xbox, simply as I got a DC and well…weep sniff sniff..anyhow the GOOD news is I got 1, and I am happy, so thanks ppl….
So I’m now a real XboxAddict bum chum ……………….

04-02-2002, 06:32 PM
u put the primer on first? thanks