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04-03-2002, 04:19 AM
Konami of Europe and peripheral specialist Thrustmaster have joined forces to release a flightstick specially optimized for use with Konami’s highly anticipated Deadly Skies air combat title for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft.

Thrustmaster is widely acknowledged as a leader in the field of innovative peripherals and controllers, and the new Top Gun™ Fox 2 Pro™ unit features four pre-configured button combinations specially for Deadly Skies. Designed to resemble a fighter plane’s joystick, with ten buttons conveniently located at the base of the unit and around the shaft itself, Thrustmaster’s careful design ensures that Deadly Skies’ arsenal of weapons and thrusters are easily accessible. As such, Konami of Europe feels the Top Gun Fox 2 Pro is the ideal controller for Deadly Skies and whole-heartedly recommends the unit.

Konami and Thrustmaster have worked extremely closely in the creation of the Top Gun Fox 2 Pro and both are confident that it represents the ultimate in flightsticks for the new Microsoft video game system and is a welcome alternative to the basic Xbox controllers. Both companies will be supporting the promotion of the unit, with reciprocal on and in-pack promotions and further cross-marketing actions to be announced.

Said Kunio Neo, President of Konami of Europe: “We are extremely pleased to be working with a specialist of Thrustmaster’s calibre. The Top Gun Fox 2 Pro unit is the perfect device for getting the most out of a game with the depth of action that Deadly Skies enjoys. It is an innovative and well-designed peripheral which adds an extra level of control to our ground-breaking air combat title.”

“Thrustmaster is all the more proud to bring its leading expertise in flight simulation controllers to Xbox. Especially now we have initiated close relations with Konami of Europe and Deadly Skies; which is soon to become the benchmark in action/flight games for Xbox,” added Jean-Michel Detoc, General Manager for the Guillemot Corporation.

Deadly Skies
Deadly Skies puts players in the ****pit as they navigate through the high-flying world of air combat. Developed to optimize the latest videogame technology of Xbox, Deadly Skies recreates the excitement and energy of red-hot in-air battle. The title features more than 50 warplanes, ranging from the latest in true military technology to fantastic cutting-edge creations designed specifically for the game. With a full range of challenging missions, players of all levels will be pushed to their limits. Deadly Skies will be available across Europe on April 12th 2002.

Top Gun Fox 2 Pro flightstick
Officially licensed for Xbox, Top Gun Fox 2 Pro comes packed with unique technological features, developed by Thrustmaster’s R&D teams and offering the best control and realism: an increase in the flightstick’s sensitivity, the possibility to shoot one missile at a time (Full Sampling technology) and very precise manoeuvring during air combat (Intuitive Touch). The stick also acts as a rudder with adjustable resistance and a locking mechanism, it includes a sliding thumb throttle on the base, a built-in motor, 10 action buttons, an 8-way hat-switch for point-of-view functions, advanced programmability (Smart Mapping) for full compatibility with all games and it remains precisely calibrated even after long periods of game play (Dynamic Calibration). The Top Gun Fox 2 Pro flightstick is available.

Link: http://www.xboxgamers.com/news/news.php?id=104435

04-03-2002, 07:39 AM
Too bad they didn't post a pic.

I am glad to hear that we are getting some new controller designs, rather than just rehashes of the standard game pad. It makes the gaming experience richer.

However, Tekki set the standard for custom controllers. That is going to be tough to beat. :)