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04-03-2002, 11:21 AM
Hi ppl,
My friend was the first to get the Xbox out of the two of us, anyhow when he bought It, he got the normal scart cable. He took the beast home and was ready for an all-nighter until he plugged it in and got the 2 white lines down the tv, which just looked like the AV test. Not to worried, he thought must be the cable and exchanged it for another, and yet again same problem. So now very worried he phoned the store and they said must be a faulty Xbox, so just bring it back and we will exchange it.

However my m8 was worried that his TV may not support the BEAST so he phoned Microsoft tech number, and he could not believe there attitude towards him. He said they where so KIND and sounded too keen to solve the problem, as if the Xbox belonged to them. Anyway after a few tests they recommend getting the advanced scart cable, which he did, and what do u know, it worked like a DREAM, go on Microsoft…

Anyhow today which is a good week after the reported problem he received a voucher from Microsoft for £10 which I though was sweet….
So I just thought I would let u all know that in the UK it seems there tech support is a great help, and has a good way of rewarding customers who have encountered slight problems.....

l Maximus l
04-03-2002, 11:24 AM
Wow...great news....customer service is vital to be successful...you just displayed a great example of that :)

By the way, welcome to the forums!!

04-03-2002, 11:32 AM
Some may already Know this, but for those who don’t, sounds good news to me


Xbox fans can now officially calm their boots, as solid sources makes serious noise about an E3 showing of the game everyone wants to see...

17:08 We have spies everywhere, generalissimos, and today they've come up with something very tasty indeed. Senior UK sources close to Konami have confirmed that a Metal Gear product for Xbox has finally turned up on internal release schedules. Better yet, there's been a very strong hint today that E3 will be the first showing for the title.
Bok. Oss. There's more: while a rumour did the rounds this morning yet again pointing to a remake of the PSone Metal Gear game using the MGS2 graphics engine, those in the know were quick to debunk it. "We're hearing it's the second game," said a source.

While details are yet to be confirmed, Xbox aficionados can expect extras over the fantastically successful PS2 version. Quite what will be tagged on is still a mystery: keep your eyes on E3.

Oh and thanks for the welcome Max

l Maximus l
04-03-2002, 11:33 AM
Originally posted by CodeMonkey
Some may already Know this, but for those who don’t, sounds good news to me



Yeah, pretty sweet, huh?! I guess it's practically going to be a different game than Metal Gear Solid 2...it's supposed to be a lot better!! :)