View Full Version : Why there will never be a good wrestling game

04-04-2002, 09:43 PM
1. Pro wrestling is pretty much the biggest P.O.S.
2. The only good wrestling is olympic wrestling but as we all know, that would be another big P.O.S. game thats not worth buying. Besides, every olympics game has licked @$S! (Nagano 1998, hahaha)
3. The fighting is extremely slow. Easy to master the moves of every character. Who ever heard of a wrestling game with light-speed fighting like DOA3?
4. There aren't an eighth as many fighting possibilities and combos as conventional fighting games and there never will be.
5. The costumes are pretty hobo-ish (spandex with flames haha)
6. They almost 100% of the time are made by American companies and this is nothing stereotypical but rarely do you see a good figting game that isn't Japanese or of Japanese origin

I rest my case, goodnight.