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Dyslexic Chaos
04-14-2002, 05:39 AM
I thought I'd copy this again because it tool me like 1/2 hour to write and I think it has some very good points about all systems. BTW, this was originally posted in the XBOX Vs. PS2 forum in the "Why XBox will always be 2nd" thread. Happy reading all! :)

There will be no quotes on this post because I'm not going back through all that crap again, but I will remember what I can.

1) Devil May Cry. Oh, you can play THPS3 Online, well, so can we, and Halo, and Nascar Thunder, and THPS2X, and ...

2) Why is every1 ragging on Canadians? I'm a proud Canadian, and no, all us Canadians aren't ignorant Eskimoes who live in Igloos, we're just as advanced as u guys, hell, Canadians and Americans are like, EXACTLY the same. It's pretty much all about our location!!!

3) Also, why, because I'm a teenager who lives w/ my parents, is my opinion not as valid as yours? I still have a job (work at Home Hardware) and pay 4 my own games, TV's, Stereo's etc. and buy 3 game mags a month (EGM, GamePro<Starting to suck though, and OXM,)not to mention always look up games on the web daily, but just cause I'm younger and live W/ my rents, I Don't know as much as u? Well, FYI, I have been playing games since I got my first NES when I was about 5, and no, I'm not lying. I actually Remember that day. I got the Duckhunt/Mario combo. Man, they should Remake Duckhunt!!!

4) Whats W/ all the PS2 Fanboys here. If you're not an XBox addict, go to a diffrent site, and don't expect much support from an XBox fansite.

5) and no, I'm not a fanboy, and really, I think all systems are INCREDIABLLY GOOD, and I had to do ALOT of thinking and research b4 I chose the XBox. Here are all the pro's and Con's that I found 4 all the systems.

PS2:Pros: Alot of games out, some really memorable titles, great 4 gaming NOW. Great Controller.
Cons: Steep price tag for what it has technology wise, "Old" Technology, Jaggies, Hard 2 develope for which may lead to less 3rd party developers. Have to buy the HD and Modem as addons, which makes it even MORE expensive, so even if it's price drops $100, it's still more expensive than the XBox with everything included. Also, an INCREDIABLLY crappy DVD player with ALOT of bugs. Go to http://dvd.ign.com/articles/315/315957p1.html to see what I mean. Only Stereo sound. No HDTV compatibility. ONLY 2 CONTROLLER PORTS... AGAIN!!!

Game Cube:Pros: Great price for Great technology barely under the Xbox's, NINTENDO GAMES!!!, Great Controller, and it's Small and very portable. 4 controller ports.

Cons: No HD, unsure online plans, and lack of 3rd party support. no DVD player. Only Stereo sound. no HDTV compatibility. No magazine Demo Discs, damn!

XBox: Pros: Great deal for what you get, HD, Modem, DVD player b(ok, it's a little extra)that is actually really good, 4 controller ports, HDTV compatible, Best technology on the market, great potential for online and otherwise, Dolby Digital 5.1 Compatible.

Cons: Big controller (Solved W/ the Mad Catz Pad Pro), temporary lack of games (Just wait a few more months though, then BANG!!! Games galore), DVD remote is pricey and is needed to play DVD's.