View Full Version : New Online Xbox Game Announced: Nine

04-18-2002, 09:33 AM
from: www.activewin.com & www.xengamers.com

Xen Gamers have posted 9 new screenshots from the upcoming online game from Atlus' - Nine. Scheduled for release this fall in Japan, the game will focus on nine distinct personality traits including light (good), dark (evil), chaos (confusion), law (order), etc. The story will include three main characters: Emi, Baraki and Meiko. As revealed in the new screens below, Nine will also feature a unique 3D battle system, where players can form multiple parties to fend off enemies. The finished version will reportedly feature extensive hard-drive related functions, full network play, and 5.1 channel compatible sound.

The wonders of xbox are on the way. By this time next year, jump back hit yourself-