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04-18-2002, 04:59 PM
This is kindda old but there is some new stuff. One of the developers was answering some quetions that the members had. Here it is:

[QUOTE]Hey everyone, I have answers from the team to your latest questions. Happy, happy, joy, joy. Here you go:

1. can i save all the civys in this game or is it to tuff

You should be able to save most of them. Nightmare mode is where the real challenge is.

2. will hunters comment on echuther or say things to one an another

No, they will be talking to the bad guys/monsters.

3. will hunters yell if thay get shot or cut

No screaming, but you'll know when they get shot or cut. They will definitely react...

4. can i use zombies limbs to slap them funy

Cool idea but we can't do this one -- thanks!

5. can i blast doors open

Yes, you can use keys to open doors and some doors you'll need to blow up to open -- also some walls.

6. will the cool hunter powers kill other hunters in ff?

No, actually edges will not work on other Hunters. You'll want to play cooperative mode since the Hunter's extra lives are all in a shared pool.

7. How many different kinds of attacks can each melee weapons dish out (like low and high attacks)?

We have 3 swing combos, 360 attacks, dodges, rolling/jumping attacks, several once you get used to the controls.

8. how many kinds of swings/attack animations does each (weapon) have?

I think each melee weapon has 10 different swing animations.

When you play a multiplayer game -- is there going to be an option to turn "friendly fire" on or off? Or what exactely will be the deal with that? Are you going to be able to hit your partner? Not that I want to or anything.

You can play without friendly fire, or where players take a hit reaction without damage, or with full on friendly fire. This makes the game much more difficult, so be careful!

Also. You mentioned that there are two endings (depending on how many people you save) now, does this mean that each character has two endings? Just want to clarify?

Each character does have two endings -- One if you saved enough innocents and another if you didn't save enough innocents.

Also, is there a more "official" release date for this game? Man, I just can't wait to PLAY!

I can't give an exact date -- Expect it Q2 (most likely May/June).

Laters everyone.



l Maximus l
04-18-2002, 05:09 PM
This may be somewhat old, because Hunter: The Reckoning has gone "gold" and is due May 21st :)

04-18-2002, 05:21 PM
i neva read that interview b4....i thinks its cool how u can turn the friendly fire on and off...i'm leaving that ish on...gonna blast my homies.:D

04-18-2002, 05:30 PM
I like the 10 swing moves thing it will look great. Good read.