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04-20-2002, 02:56 AM
I don't know what this means for us in the US or Japan but we can only hope for the same treatment. I hope this isn't just for the UK! Japan #'s are bad too. So will the US be left out?!?!?

From: www.officialxboxmagazine.co.uk

Official UK Xbox Magazine speaks exclusively to UK Division Director Chris Lewis about the European Xbox price cut.

By now you'll have heard the amazing news that Microsoft has slashed a third off the price of Xbox and will give early adopters two free games and an official pad for showing early commitment.

Just as the news was announced we caught up with UK Division Director Chris Lewis to discuss what this means for Xbox gamers and Xbox.

OXM UK: Does the price cut mean that Xbox wasn't selling well in Europe?

Chris Lewis: Not at all. We're actually very happy, particularly with the games attached rate as the UK has the savviest gaming audience. The reviews we've had and the reputation we've got for producing outstanding games have all helped Xbox become phenomenally successful.

When we announced the price, (late last summer) the market conditions were a little bit different. We committed then that we would remain competitive but things have changed a little bit since that announcement. We're basically managing our price point to remain competitive.

OXM UK: Why announce a price cut so soon rather than waiting until E3?

Chris Lewis: We always said that we would remain competitive and are committed to long term success. Our strategy has always been about giving outstanding value to as many gamers as possible and this only proves that level of commitment.

OXM UK: How do you think this move now positions Xbox against PS2 and Gamecube?

Chris Lewis: Well all the reviews say we have the most powerful video games console in the world. We're the only one with a built-in hard drive, we're the only one with built-in broadband support and from our perspective we're without doubt the best value available anywhere.

OXM UK: What has the reaction been like from publishers?

Chris Lewis: Very positive indeed. We spoke with publishers yesterday and the reaction so far has been resoundingly positive. For them it's all about more people getting access to their games on Xbox all around Europe so this has to be good news for them.

OXM UK: Tell us about the 'Thank-You' package.

Chris Lewis: Microsoft is committed to its gamers in every aspect. We felt it was important to reward the early adopters of Xbox who are already enjoying Xbox since launch on March 15. And we want to make sure they continue to feel very, very good about their Xbox purchase. That's critically important for us now and going forward.

OXM UK: How do you think this move will be viewed in the States?

Chris Lewis: I think US gamers will remain as positive about Xbox as they already are. We've has enormous success in the US and I think they will look around at Europe and say this is a good example of Microsoft being committed to Xbox and the gaming community. And the reward package is a great example. I think they'll see it as a very positive move.

We'll have further reaction on the news in a forthcoming issue.

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