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04-20-2002, 04:09 PM
This is so MAD by the end of may the Australian xbox price will drop by 40% roughly so that brings it to 399! in Europe it will drop to 199(i don't know how to write the currency symbol for eur)

Another great thing is that microsoft will give existing customers (thoses who bought it before Apr 26) a gift pack: 2 games of ur choise and an extra pad valued at over $250(RRP)!!!


Australia, 3.00pm Thursday, 18th April 2002
Microsoft today announced that the Recommended Retail Price of the Xbox video game system in Australia will be reduced to A$399 (including GST), effective from Friday 26 April 2002.

And customers who have already bought Xbox consoles will be offered a gift of Xbox products valued at more than A$250 (RRP), making this move by Microsoft an offer and opportunity for customers unprecedented in Australian gaming history.

"This is a strategic, competitive decision," said Alan Bowman, Regional Director, Xbox. "But most importantly, it is a great opportunity for customers. Everything tells us that people love Xbox; they think it is a fantastic product and they absolutely love the games. The fact is, our pricing here had become uncompetitive and, we felt, an obstacle to the Xbox experience."

A similar price reduction has also occurred in Europe, bringing the price of the system there to €299/£199.

"Since our launch the market has changed - and will continue to change - and we are now being unashamedly aggressive in changing it ourselves," said Alan Bowman. "This will enable more customers to enjoy Xbox".

'And in line with our priority of making sure the customer has the ultimate satisfaction and experience, we are giving everyone who has already purchased an Xbox in Australia 2 Microsoft Xbox games of their choice and an extra Xbox controller, a gift worth more than $250(RRP). This offer is also effective from 26 April, 2002. These purchasers can obtain details of how to take up this offer by visiting the Xbox website www.xbox.com.au or calling the national customer care number 1800 148 894.

"This is a special package to those who have purchased Xbox consoles at current prices, because we are determined to look after customers like no-one else has before," said Alan Bowman.

Since its launch in Australia on March 14, Xbox, Microsoft's future generation video game system, has been identified as the best gaming experience available by enthusiasts everywhere.

Moreover, the reviews, and the software attach rate, including the sale of games from the brilliant launch portfolio including Halo™, Project Gotham Racing™ and Dead or Alive 3™, have shown there is widespread recognition of the quality of the product.

"With its overall power, graphics and sound quality, as well as built-in hard disk and other unique features and capabilities, Xbox provides gamers with the next generation of games experience. Games developers are making full use of the high quality capabilities of Xbox to produce unsurpassed games, and intense game play experience" said Alan Bowman.

"Indeed, on top of an extensive launch portfolio of games, with award winning titles only available on Xbox, like Halo™ - which has sold more than a million copies worldwide - we will have more than 60 games available for Xbox by the end of June," he said.

"What we are doing by this price change is making doubly sure Xbox, with its unbeatable and powerful features, is easily the best value available," he said." Xbox has always been terrific value. This price change reinforces that, and levels the playing field here and in Europe, making it that much easier for customers to enjoy the experience of Xbox".

"This is a long-term, strategic move which benefits our customers, our retail partners, and our third-party publishing partners," said Alan Bowman.

About Xbox
Xbox is Microsoft's future-generation video game system which delivers the most powerful game play experience ever. Xbox gives game users the technology to fulfil their creative visions as never before with games that blur the lines between fantasy and reality. The Xbox features the most powerful graphics processor of any game console, a built-in hard disk, built-in broadband capability, real-time Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound support throughout the entire game and DVD capability.

For the latest Australian news and updates go to www.xbox.com.au


04-20-2002, 04:18 PM
Oh wow, I didn't just read about this in 8 different threads and the main page of XBA. :rolleyes:

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Originally posted by Lynxfx
Oh wow, I didn't just read about this in 8 different threads and the main page of XBA. :rolleyes:


me too..

plus its all ova the web...
and on the front pg...

u need to open your eyes b4 u create a thread!


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I agree read more of the post pages before starting a new thread.

Hey LynxFX cool sig, how'd ya get flash to work in your sig.