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04-21-2002, 10:52 AM
As alot of you know , a member of our xboxaddict family (xboxer2002) lost his girlfriend in a drunk driving accident recently. My heart goes out to him and his family. He's working to keep his girlfriends family together in another state at the moment, but his roommate Dave H. (another great guy) has informed me of xboxers return very soon. Again I'm praying for you and your girlfriend xboxer, but know she's in a good place right now. When there's alot of replies to this post, i'm printing it out and emailing it to xboxer. I'm sure he'll really appreciate all the nice thoughts

04-21-2002, 11:04 AM
xboxer...i, too, will be praying for you and your family. one of my friends recently went through something like this...it SUCKS! this is an odd community here in that few of us will ever meet in person. Yet you can be sure that even though we are drawn together initially over a gaming console, we still care about each other in here. there's a lot of joking around most of the time, but when it's time to support someone else, rest assured that our thoughts and prayers are all with you.

Crazy Joe
04-21-2002, 12:27 PM
you said it huckleberry, when it comes to the wire, it's good to know you have support. You have the prayers of all the XboxAddicts with you Xboxer and my deepest condolences go out to you and your girlfriend's family.

Nato King
04-21-2002, 01:24 PM
I will keep xboxer2002 in my prays because everybody knows that losing love ones is not a nice feeling.:)

04-21-2002, 01:51 PM
I'm Very sorry to hear about your loss xboxer2002, i know its not easy to lose someone so close, too many times have i witnessed and felt the blistering pain of the loss of a loved one.
My Prayers are with you, her, your family and her family.

"May her soul find a peacefull resting place with God"

Untill next time...:mad:

04-21-2002, 02:06 PM
That is very sad. My prayers go out to all the families.

04-21-2002, 05:02 PM
Sorry about your loss Xboxer. I'll do the same as the others and pray for you.

04-21-2002, 09:26 PM
A couple months ago my cousin came down to stay with my family while trying to get a job. He had just graduated from college less than a week before, and he was newly engaged. So, one morning I woke up from all this crying and screaming, so I went down to see what happened. When my mom told me I didn't beleive it because the night before I was chilling with him and I was teaching him how to ride my dirtbike. So, I pretty much know how you feel except you probably loved her more then i loved my cousin.

04-22-2002, 12:24 PM
you probably dont know me but i just wanted to dropa line and say that you and her will both be in my prayers.


l Maximus l
04-22-2002, 12:29 PM
My prayers go out to the family and friends of XBoxer and his girlfriend's family and friends. Keep in mind that death is temporary and I can't wait to meet her someday.

04-22-2002, 12:52 PM
huckleberry couldn't have said it better....i recently had to go thru the same thing when a very young friend of mine passed....its ectremely hard to lose loved ones especially when their very close to you and/or still relatively young in their lives. xboxer ...when you get to read this...i just wanted you to know..i feel your pain...and know how hard it is. just now...while our loved ones are physically here with us anymore...they will be forever within us..in our hearts... i now mine are...and not a day goes by i don't think of them. time will ease the pain...and please trying to celebrate her life.. more so then mourning her passing will help. I'm very sorry ..i wish you and the ones she left behind the best.


04-22-2002, 01:03 PM
Yes very sorry to here a/b your loss. I and my fam will be praying for you and yours.

04-22-2002, 03:06 PM
sorry to hear about that, xboxer, i know how sad it is to lose someone you love and stuff. at my school, like at least 1 kid dies each year cause of a car accident or drunk driving, its pretty sad.

J Dub
04-23-2002, 09:43 AM
Wow I'm so sorry to hear this Xboxer. My thoughts are with you bud.

04-23-2002, 11:05 AM
My condolences XBoxer.

Please be strong- Not just for yourself, but for her, her family, and all of your friends as well. Mourn well, but do not allow this atrocious event to claim another victim forever.

04-23-2002, 11:59 AM
Condolences to you and yours. As a former consistent drunk driver, who only stopped due to an accident. Thank God I wasn't driving. We lost one of our best friends in stupid accident. One of my closest friends (actually the one who was driving) died slowly on a mountain road. I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose someone closer.

Hopefully someone who still drives after more than enough drinks will see your story and realize that it's definitely worth it to call that cab or at least sleep in the parking lot.

I don't know you, but my thoughts are with you.