View Full Version : Please god no... Max Payne the Movie

04-22-2002, 09:53 AM
Well, while perusing the internet I found some terrible bad news: They are turning a game with a terrible plot into a movie... which will probably also have a terrible plot.


Im not sure how they are going to pull this off. The only thing that made the game playable at all was the fact it had bullet time and it was sorta fun to watch max flop around matrix-style. But a movie can only have so much of that slow-mo stuff in it. Hell, the matrix only had 3 slo mo scenes that I can think of. Also, hopefully Max doesn't look nearly as dorky as he did in the game.

04-22-2002, 11:15 AM
y is that bad?? i thought the game kicked major ass just not vry good replay value but still i think the moves gunna rock

04-22-2002, 12:38 PM
Of all the games that are becoming movies in the next couple years Max Payne is the only one that looks to have a decent plot and storyline. It is a classic film noir and can and will have plenty of plot twists.

This is very old news by the way.

04-22-2002, 02:50 PM
terrible plot? man, youre so wrong. max payne, IMO, has one of the best plots ever. it just pulls you into the game. its so deep and stuff, and when u think its over, they throw something new at you.

04-22-2002, 04:27 PM
man, Max Payne has the best storyline out of ALL video games and can be perfectley put into a movie (unlike Resident Evil and Tombraider)

Max Payne will be a good movie if they do not use the Bullet Time AT ALL. It will be deemed a rip off i'm sure, if they use the bullet time.

04-22-2002, 04:59 PM
I would have to agree with the other xba addicts on this one, Max Payne should be a cool movie with a cool plot unless the writers screw that one up.

04-22-2002, 05:50 PM
they always screw up videogame movies, the only good one so far was mortal kombat

04-22-2002, 07:22 PM
i think guy richie or Quntien should make the movie for max payne,an get turkish from snatch to play max payne ,just my 2 cents,or maybe john woo might be intersted an i thought the game had a really cool story line,better then any of that fantsay stuff!

04-22-2002, 07:25 PM
if kubrick was still alive, he could make a movie for halo, i bet u it would have alot of sex in it, lol, he made the best movies

04-22-2002, 11:20 PM
If they made it right, I think HALO would be the best Videogame to Movie conversion you could have. Of course, they don't really follow the videogame too closely and screw things up in the process. The ideal director for Halo I think would be John Woo as long as he didn't have anyromance related stuff in it.

04-23-2002, 08:42 AM
They say that Halo was inspired by Aliens: Special Edition, a halo movie following the current game would be too similar to that film. Try watching it and compare. Maybe a movie of the halo book?