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04-23-2002, 02:06 AM
Well, not much seems to be known about this game yet, but I for one think that this title has TREMENDOUS potential. I'm currently on the last book of the series and I must say its incredible.

This is from the developers website. Its actually the only info on the game on the site too I think...

Originally from http://www.lotr.com

The player controls Frodo, Aragorn or Gandalf as they explore eight different Realms within Middle-earth, solving quests and engaging in weapon-based combat. They will travel from the Shire to the Misty mountains encountering friend and foe alike such as Aragorn and Galadriel, Orcs, Black Riders and an evil Balrog in his quest to destroy the fabled One Ring of Power.

Coming to Microsoft Xbox - Oct. 2002

Now to me, the person that made that paragraph should of maybe worked on it a bit more... isn't very well written. But we still get the idea.

So, IMO this game is either going to be really good or its going to really suck. I don't think you can really get a middle with a game like this, because most players will be pretty familiar with the general storyline.

Anyways, my 2 cents..

04-24-2002, 10:22 PM

Pachoey, Gamehelper.com: How far has the game progressed since we saw it last May at E3?

Jeff Everett, Producer, Universal Interactive: The game today has been totally revamped to stay far more true to the books. There is a new look, new gameplay mechanics, and more playable characters. We now have a richer more life-like world for players to explore.

GH: The title was originally set to debut early this year – what’s the new timeline for release?

JE: We are currently on track for a Q4-02 release and at this time, things are looking great.

GH: Is it still solely geared for the X-Box platform or will we see it on others?

JE: Our plan is to release it on the Xbox platform.

GH: Are you receiving pressure to release the game while there is still a high level of interest in Lord of the Rings, due to the recent release of the first movie in the trilogy?

JE: The only pressure we are receiving is from our own desire to play a game based on the Lord of the Rings books.

GH: Will EA’s recent announcement to create titles based on the movie affect your series?

JE: No, our game is based on the literary works of Tolkien. We don’t have any restrictions in regard to what we can utilize from the books toward making our game as true to Middle-earth as possible. Many beloved characters from the books that did not appear in the movie will appear in our game.

GH: Do you feel this might cause some confusion between your works, which are based on the books, and the potential EA pieces, which are based on the film?

JE: No, not at all. We don’t see a problem with the situation. Our games, based on the original source material, the books, will naturally include more authentic elements, such as the characters that didn’t make it into the film.

GH: How might a gamer’s experience, whom has never read the books or seen the movie differ from a gamer that is fully familiar with the tales of Middle Earth?

JE: You will not be required to have read the books to complete the game or fully enjoy the visual beauty of it, however, players who are familiar with Tolkien’s works will recognize many of the people, places and events from the books. Experienced Tolkien fans will certainly be rewarded for knowing what to do in certain situations and will recognize details of Middle-earth that are described in the books. The world we are creating from the books will be a new and wonderful experience for gamers who have never been exposed to The Lord of the Rings while Tolkien veterans will be delighted to see the world that they’ve read about come to life in the form of interactive entertainment.

GH: It’s obvious that the game cannot be entirely true to the books in order to achieve a respectable amount of action and gameplay. A perfect example of this would be the old arcade game based on the Willow movie. While the game was one of the best side-scrollers of it’s time, it was hardly true to the movie. How might one present Lord of the Rings to the Tolkien purist?

JE: Universal Interactive (U.I.) is very serious about maintaining authenticity throughout all of its Lord of the Rings titles. All of the members of U.I.’s “Tolkien Team” (made up of production and marketing staff) have read the books and have been fans of the books for many years. The entire team, involved in all aspects of the creation of this game, is not only very knowledgeable of the books but also fanatical about ensuring that nothing within the game contradicts events from them. This allows us to follow the story line within a fun and exciting game environment.

Let’s talk gameplay

GH: If I recall correctly we saw some gameplay last year in the Old Forest near the Shire and also a segment of Moria. How many levels are complete as of this Interview?

JE: The game encompasses many regions and while there is not anything that the player will recognize as a “level” there are anywhere from 4 to 10 areas available to explore in each region.

GH: How much gameplay can we expect? How many levels? Quests? Hours in total?

JE: The length of time that it will take a player to complete any “level” will depend on the amount of time they take to explore. There are a number of side quests and environments that the adventurous player will be able to enjoy.

GH: Will “puzzle-solving” be as large an aspect of the game as action?

JE: Yes, there are a large variety of quests, puzzles and combat to challenge all types of players. Each playable character will be able to use unique skills and traits that are true to the characteristics that they have in the story.

GH: Will the story/game begin and end just as the first book in the series?

JE: The Fellowship of the Ring’s storyline follows the first book of The Lord of the Rings trilogy by the same name. There may be a few surprises, however.

GH: How closely will the game follow the storyline of the book?

JE: Very closely, we didn’t feel comfortable leaving out any major portion of the books.

GH: Has the game play changed much from the E3 showing? Have you encountered some issues in QA and development that forced some changes?

JE: The current Tolkien Team was actually formed after E3 ’01. The team’s responsibility is to create a beautiful, fun, and authentic game based on The Lord of the Rings. With this responsibility came the need to make some changes. We haven’t encountered any issues or limitations in QA or development. Our main focus is to create a game that takes advantage of the capabilities of the Xbox and with such technology, attempt to translate the vivid descriptions of Middle-earth into something similar to a work of digital art.

GH: Will we still be playing Frodo solely or will we have the opportunity to control some other characters during the quest to return the ring to Mordor?

JE: There are now more playable characters than just Frodo.

GH: Will Fellowship be an inventory management driven game as is typical of action RPGs or will we see more action-oriented obstacle driven levels?

JE: It won’t really fall into either of those categories. The game is basically an epic adventure that incorporates dynamic gameplay according to what player is being controlled and what environment they’re in.

GH: Some have initially felt the game looked a bit like Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time- N64) in both it’s camera angles, initial game play, and diminutive central character. Do you think there are some similarities or no?

JE: The “look” of our game is probably similar to many 3rd person perspective adventure games. I guess the “littleness” of both Frodo and Link cause a stronger similarity. Gameplay, however, is all our own.

GH: What pieces of the game are you most excited about?

JE: I’m not sure there is any one thing that I am most excited about. I really love the story and the game play. I also think that some of the special effects, boss battles and puzzles are all very cool. And wait till you see the cinematics!

GH: What have been some of the more difficult aspects of creating this title?

JE: Two things. First, we have set our standards a lot higher then most games in order to make it worthy of the Tolkien name. Secondly, because of that we have to check and double-check every thing, ensuring that it is authentic, before it makes it into the game.

GH: Have you been developing Fellowship with the intent of creating its implied sequel or will the development of the next rely on the success of this title?

JE: We don’t like to leave people hanging.

GH: If we are to see a sequel, will it carry the same gameplay or will you approach each title differently?

JE: There are many factors involved in game design. Technology, peripherals, hardware, broadband, etc. all need to be assessed before game design can be discussed.

GH: Many comparisons have been drawn between the LotR franchise and Rowling’s Harry Potter series. I think we can agree that Tolkien’s work is much darker and less a children’s series. Is your game targeted for all ages, or geared more toward the older gamer? What was your goal at the beginning of development?

JE: We want our game to be enjoyed by people of all ages just as the books and movies are. With that said, it’s true that the conflict between good and evil in Tolkien’s work is quite monumental and consists of many life/death situations that require a level of maturity to understand. These situations remain intact in our games as Tolkien fans would expect no less.

GH: After seeing the film, were you inspired to return to any aspects of the game and rework them, or maybe add something previously not considered? Be honest?J

JE: Most of the hard core Tolkien fans on the team were disappointed by the absence of certain favorite areas within the movie. We did take a second look at those areas to ensure that they were well represented.



04-24-2002, 10:52 PM
Well, let me comment on my own thread since it was too long for me to do it above.

WOW. As you can see, in my first post a day or two ago I was somewhat skeptical. After reading this, those fears have now vanished, this game is looking to be way cool. I am extremely happy it's based on the book and not the movie. Its going to be so much more enthralling! And the fact that the guy getting interviewed seems like a die-hard Tolkien fan is just music to my ears.

I just finished yesterday the last book in this epic series and all I can say is WOW. I wanted to cry or something when I finished the last page.. any of you that have read it probably know how I feel. The rest of you.. don't call me a pansy or I'll kick all yer arses :) Hehehee, just kiddin!

But anyways, if this game delivers what it promises, it could be an amazing addition to my collection and another hit for the Xbox!

04-25-2002, 01:25 AM


(anyone know what movie this is from? I'll give you a hint.. Leslie Neilson)

Anyways.. it seems that I enjoy talking to myself in this thread as no one replies.. hehehe..

Dre: Well Dre, I found three other screenshots you haven't seen yet


Dre: Really? Sweet!! Post them!


Dre: Ok!


Dre: Thanks Dre


Dre: No problem Dre




04-25-2002, 01:26 AM
Originally posted by Dre


(anyone know what movie this is from? I'll give you a hint.. Leslie Neilson)

Hey man, I bet thats from the movie Airplane...

04-25-2002, 01:28 AM
Originally posted by Dre

Hey man, I bet thats from the movie Airplane...

God you are smart!!

hehehe.. anyways, this game looks cooler and cooler every screen I see! I love the mountain screenshot above, it looks so cool! The orc looks pretty nasty too, along with all the elvish (dwarvish.. I dunno.. who cares?) inscriptions on the door behind him. And well the wolf.. he just takes the cake!

04-25-2002, 02:42 AM
I have seen the movie already and i thought the movie was good so why cant the game be any good. Im really looking foward to playing and buying this game
pluse it going to on the XBOX topnacth grafics
but i wonder if its going to be on any other console wicth i hope not.


Crazy Joe
04-25-2002, 07:05 AM
yo Dre, sorry dude, i always forget about the genre forums! D'oh!

I am with you on this one man, this game looks like it will be mighty sweet not like the huge disappointment Lord of the Rings on SNES. This game should be incredible.

04-25-2002, 07:08 AM
Originally posted by Gortholomew
yo Dre, sorry dude, i always forget about the genre forums! D'oh!

I am with you on this one man, this game looks like it will be mighty sweet not like the huge disappointment Lord of the Rings on SNES. This game should be incredible.

Lol, ya.. the SNES game lacked alot.. in terms of.. oh, I dunno..... FUN!? hehehee.. all I have to say about that was "FREAKIN WOLVES"