View Full Version : Ea Dumps Pat Summerall!!!!

04-23-2002, 01:11 PM
- WHile i guess it makes sense, i'm still madder than lunatic that they treated Summerall this way (NFL that is)-

Al Michaels Drafted by Madden
John Madden joins Monday Night Football so Al Michaels joins Madden 2003.

April 23, 2002 - When you've sold over three million units on eight different platforms in a single year, you've definitely made the big time. Considered by many to be the greatest sports series in history, we knew Madden NFL 2003 was coming, but not with the blockbuster announce team that's just been announced. As not only will Big John Madden make the cut as he does every year, but his new Monday Night Football cohort in crime Al Michaels will be there as well.
A veteran of many sports games himself (who remembers the Hardball series?) and an even more experienced television and radio personality as well, the addition of Al Michaels to the staff was felt a logical choice by the team at EA Sports.

Scheduled for a live webcast conference call on Thursday, April 25, Michaels, Madden, and Electronic Arts Marketing Vice President Chip Lange will discuss their new agreement and its impact on the series. A question and answer segment will follow in the second half of the conference, of which we assume there will be much laughter.

Potential listeners can tune in to http://info.ea.com at 11 AM Pacific time for the full report. We'll be back in the coming weeks with more on Madden NFL 2003 as it comes to fruition.

04-23-2002, 02:21 PM
......and the fans of footbal rejoice! Now If they could dump madden!

04-23-2002, 03:38 PM
Well, I kinda knew it was coming. I'll keep madden 2002 cause that's the last i'll ever hear pat summerall's voice in a game. I do think al michaels will do a good job as well. I really like his commentating. It could have been worsr. Can anyone say DENNIS MILLER???

04-23-2002, 04:00 PM
yea i can say DENNIS MILLER..i can also add to that sentence by saying DENNIS MILLER is one of the funniest and deffinately one of them most intellegent people in hollywood today. I'm not gonna say he belonged on MNNFL....but lets just say he didn't bother me as much as he might have bothered others.

also....while i LOVE madden..and everything hes done for the best damn sport ever......y'all got to admit his ash is getting a lil senial (sp?)....while madden..is more recgonizable/lovable/of ahouse hold name.....Pat Summerall is the man as well...and if pat left...john should have been packing his bags and bouncing with his homie.