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09-22-2001, 12:24 AM
Oh its such a beautiful sight! At my local EB (Miami) they have a huge display of xbox stuff. And im not talking about just the empty console box either. There were all the boxes for all launch and all the games that would be out this year. They also put the official XBox magazine on the same rack. At the front window they had oddworld and halo cases on display and a motion display showing when xbox will come out and some of the games to. When i bought the magazine the lady told me its amazing how many people come in and ask about the xbox. She also said that the system display should be in any day soon. Even kids were walking in telling their parents, "I want an xbox!".
It sucks the system is delayed but oh well. It still makes no difference to me, i want it worse cause of these displays! Has anyone seen these displays in their hometown? I should have taken a picture of it and posted it up here.

09-22-2001, 12:27 AM
Yeah ive seen the displays but the thing that keeps me going is the preview issue of the official xbox mag I just got, but its too **** short. I pray normal issues are way bigger than this, it would rock if it got as big as an issue of PC Gamer.

09-22-2001, 12:30 AM
yeah, youre right its a little on the short side. But what is there is great. Its even downright funny.

09-22-2001, 12:33 AM
Cant wait for the real issues to start coming because like I said before if you ever saw pc accelerator that was the funniest **** magazine EVER.

09-22-2001, 02:38 AM
hmmm whatever happened to Boot...... i loved that magazine. that magazine was funny as hell

09-22-2001, 04:36 AM
do that xbox magazine have articles of nlf fever in it????¿¿¿¿¿¿

09-22-2001, 09:15 AM
yeah, it has a small preview of it but you can tell its a little dated. With the 2 previews of it on gamespot and ign i am alot more excited about fever then i was. Its amazing how many positive things they said about this game.

I never read the pc mag. but if it was as funny or funnier then this xbox magazine then it must have been **** good. BTW nice to see you back funionz.

09-22-2001, 12:09 PM
TY Boogy

09-23-2001, 12:31 AM
you know what i found funny... they put the xbox display where the PS2 stuff was, and they moved the PS2 stuff to the very back of the store :D

btw, i wish PCXL was back :( now THAT was a funny magazine.