View Full Version : Real-time Fuzz

09-26-2001, 01:13 PM
Do you remember the old nursery rhyme about Fuzzy Wuzzy, the bear who had no hair? This alliterative tongue-twister that continues to delight grade school children and crazed poets expresses just what's missing from computer graphics today. Fuzz. That's because, until recently, rendering realistic fuzzy objects took way too long--from minutes a frame using line drawing to hours a frame with ray tracing. And hair isn't the only type of fuzz missing, the world of grass, leaves, fabric, and fur has also been ignored. Fortunately the gaming world won't have to view bald creatures much longer, because Jed Lengyel, a researcher at Microsoft, has developed techniques that, combined with the powerful hardware behind Xbox, Microsoft's new gaming console, make rendering realistic real-time fuzz a snap.