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05-04-2002, 08:12 AM
European development studio Croteam has already begun preliminary work on an Xbox version of its acclaimed first-person shooter Serious Sam. Currently, the company plans to release the Xbox game as a compilation of the original PC game Serious Sam and the upcoming sequel Serious Sam: Second Encounter. The Xbox game will combine many of the levels found in both the first and second game and will include all the enemies and characters from those games. Additional options, like the possibility of network support for the Xbox version, have not been discussed at this time.
The Serious Sam engine is already up and running on the Xbox. In fact, it is currently being used by 3000AD to develop its own Xbox game, titled Project ABC. Pending final negotiations with publisher Take-Two Interactive, Serious Sam for the Xbox could be released by year's end.

05-04-2002, 11:22 AM
sounds cool,my dad just picked up both games for the pc i would play them but i cant stand playing video games with a mouse an cursor,i might pick up a controller for the pc or just wait for the xbox version!

05-04-2002, 01:33 PM
Wow, I couldn't imagine Serious Sam being played with a controller! I played the first one and it was NUTS. Monsters come at you in swarms over and over again. It's not uncommon to kill 200+ enemies in a level. You have to be really quick. The only way I could see playing it with a controller would be if they implement some kind of auto aim, otherwise you'd get slaughtered.

It is a fun game...makes you sweat when the entire landscape is filled with enemies :eek: The headless bombers are pretty funny too...

05-04-2002, 08:55 PM
Yea this game is pretty good, and i'd rather play it with a controller.

Here are some pics

Panzer Dragoon Remix??

Now thats a serious gun

Great Graphics

Untill next time...:mad:

05-05-2002, 04:52 PM
I can't imagine this game will do well against Unreal and Brute Force.

05-05-2002, 05:22 PM
for some reason, i couldnt get serious sam to run on my comp. i turned all of the video things down to the lowest, and it still skipped like crazy. i have a p2 400 mhz, 96mb of ram, 20 gig hard drive, and voodoo banshee, anyone else have this problem?