View Full Version : Outlaw golf. My golly gosh!

10-08-2001, 07:07 AM
The greatest thing about the xbox is that , due to the ease of programming, we are seeing MANY MANY origional titles that would never of been thought of, letting companys go craaazy with ideas theyve been toying with for years. So you can imagine my delight when I checked IGN.com and saw "Outlaw golf" This game is CRAZY!

"It features a "Composer Response System" where the worse you play; the harder the controls will become"

"not everyone has a perfect temper, which is why you'll be able to turn on your defenseless little caddy and beat the living crap out of him"

"[it] will feature numerous golfers, such as Killer Miller - a death-row inmate who has been released on a technicality or Doc Digler who comes complete with his stripper girlfriends"

"instead of just trying to hit the ball as far as possible, you'll be able to partake in little games such as hitting a dart target or breaking the windows on a parked car. [it] sounds especially fun, as the more glass you break, the more points you will receive. "

Im soiling my pants right now! For the full preview, check it outat IGN (http://xbox.ign.com/previews/16417.html)

And while your there, you may notice the news on Sam and Max ;)