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10-15-2001, 12:32 AM
I ask beause I know this board probably has the most hardcore Xbox supporters I have ever seen! That said, it isn't first and foremost a video game site, it is a video game/movies/shows/sports site. But surely enough there is a video game board and a pretty popular one at that. I use to just go to the site and read about movies, sports, and video games and nobody ever really favored the Xbox but nobody ever really put it down either. Well nobody put it down until around e3! I would visit the site after e3 and hear nothing but people bashing the Xbox over and over with nobody really defending it, so I took the matter into my own hands under the name Xboxwillruleps2 and sure enough these people had no clue at all and most of them still do not! Ever since I have joined I have found out that there are a few Xbox supporters but most are wolves in sheeps skin and are getting a GC first and foremost. I want to give you guys a link to the site just so you can read what some of the people there have to sayt, and maybe you can get a good laugh if anything but I was hoping maybe somebody could give me a hand over there on a particular thread by a person named Anykin, in a thread he started titled "Xbox Bugs" It isn't just Anakin, a bunch of people swarmed the thread talking trash and bashing the Xbox with nothing but rumors. If everyone here just post's one reply, it should make them feel stupid enough to give me some breathing room for a couple of weeks, since they think I am the only Xbox fanboy on the internet. Will someone help me out over there at this particular thread? I would really appreciate it and I would do the same for you! Thanks. Xbox UNITE!!!!

Here is the site, when you get there just click on the video game link and you will see the thread I am talking about along with several others started by other haters. The joining process only takes about 2 minutes, it is realy short. Thanks guys. http://www.nightly.net

10-15-2001, 04:13 PM
Thanks Viper!!!!! You ripped them a new one!!!!

Dan Livingston
10-15-2001, 11:08 PM
Originally posted by Xaminor
I ask beause I know this board probably has the most hardcore Xbox supporters I have ever seen
I feel all black and green on the inside.

10-16-2001, 03:22 AM
Originally posted by Dan Livingston

I feel all black and green on the inside.

That is a good one! lol!

10-16-2001, 08:30 AM
You Think Those Guys Are bad Try


These Guys Bann Most People Just For Talking Good About XBOX!

Break Em Off A Can Of Whup Ass!

10-16-2001, 04:56 PM
Thanks for helping Doom and Viper, I have joined the one you posted also Doom! Anyways just ignore the thread over there from sons of lucas where he threatens to ban us! Read it because it is extremely funny, but don't reply to that BS, because that is exactly what he wants. He sets up traps like that:)

l Maximus l
10-16-2001, 04:59 PM
I don't feel proud to show you this, but, I think there is one other site that rivals the biggest anti-Xbox site...located here:

http://x-box_sux.tripod.com/ :mad: