View Full Version : Morrowind: Oh this is just PERFECT (note dripping sarcasm)

Trusty Mutsi
06-07-2002, 11:43 AM
Of all the days for my TV to REALLY get screwed up, it's the FIRST FLIPPING TIME I PUT MORROWIND IN MY XBOX!!!!!!

I've had a problem with lines stretching across the screen on the bottom, but the 1st time I put Morrowind in, it's reached up to the middle of the screen, making half the screen UNREADABLE!!!

Well, I bang the TV on the back 6-7 times, and it stays normal for a few senconds, and then comes back to the bottom, and once in a while flickers up to the middle again. Even when it's just on the bottom, it's hard to read anything there!

Well, I called a TV repairman, which I should have done weeks ago.


At least I can KIND of play the game:/