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06-07-2002, 04:38 PM
More Xbox Titles Courtesy of CDV 6/4/2002, by Elizabeth
CDV Software has announced three upcoming titles for the Xbox. The strength of our three Xbox games speaks for itself: the cutting edge action-adventure title `CORE,' Jules Verne-inspired fantasy `Project Nomads' and action-packed coliseum epic `Vultures,' which is available only on Xbox...


The action-packed Vultures, an Xbox-exclusive title, is a 3D fighting game in a fascinating post-apocalyptic setting. The captivating game features outstanding 3D graphics and realistically animated characters derived from the latest motion capture technology. Only by succeeding in the gladiatorial arena through a combination of skill, dexterity and cold-blooded determination, will a Vulture move up in the ranks and obtain new weaponry. The player can compete as 16 different gladiators with varying combat styles and dozens of weapons and large armories.


CORE is an action-adventure game sure to thrill Xbox fans with its top-notch graphics, crazy characters and whacked-out scenarios. Centered around an adaptable metal suit that enhances the wearer's abilities, CORE introduces three characters: Pixie, Madboy and Rex the dog. CORE is the first game with character-specific points of view, including Rex's Smell View. The player can choose a different character to tackle each new scenario -- will Pixie's climbing skills best suit the task? Or perhaps Madboy's mighty wallop? Guest characters, including Fluppo the bird and Fijona the Mermaid, also expand the player's strength.

Project Nomads

Set in a Jules Verne-esque world of floating islands, Project Nomads is a 3D action-adventure that incorporates the best in action and strategy. As the result of a terrible disaster, the Nomads planet is splintered into fragments. The few remaining survivors must build fortresses to fend against hostile attacks. As a flying wizard/engineer, the player can build scores of factories, power plants, defense units and zeppelins. With beautiful graphics and innovative gameplay, Project Nomads is poised to make a splash next year on Xbox.

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