View Full Version : I need Morrowind help too

06-09-2002, 09:04 PM

Im slowly progressin throught the Fighter and Theives guild. The fighters guild quest Im on now tells me to go to a women at the sout wall corner club in Balmora and get a code book from here, When i ask her for it she says no i cant have it blah blah, i cant kill her cause theres to many people there What should i do?

Also in the theives guild I was told to go to some fishing/smuggling village place and steal back some dwemmer artifacts, a bowl, goblet, and tube to be exact. I cant find them anywhere and i talked to the guy who supposedly stole them. In the basement of that guys shop someone asked me to escort a slave back to balmora so i agreed and when i got there the man i delivered the slave to tried to kill the slave. I stood back and watched the too fight. and the slave won, i talked to the slave and she said there were DRUGS IN HER STOMACH (HAHA) thats why she was almost killed. Now i agreed to help this slave go somewhere but i dont have a clue, has anyone else followed the same path as me?

06-10-2002, 06:25 AM
Regarding the Fighter's Guild quest, I just taunted the person in the Thieve's Guild until she attacked me. I killed her and got the book and no problems from the Thieve's Guild. I tried intimidating it out of her but she wouldn't give it up. I suppose if your speechcraft were high enough that might work too.

Regarding the Thieve's Guild quest, I found the three items in the place (begins with an A - over by Fort Moonmoth or whatever it is called -- I'm terrible with the names) where you find the puzzle box. Sugar Lips says it doesn't matter where you find them.

Regarding the slave, I helped kill her and got the reward. I'm not sure where she wants you to take her, but look on the map that came with the game and see if that helps.