View Full Version : Going on a Quest or just using the info . . .

06-10-2002, 11:39 AM

i dunno about anyone else but im a clepto-maniac when im playing some Morrowind i have a coustom character i basically explore from town to town talking to people, rob them, picking pockets, and try to get some info and use it for my own benifit . . . . . heres a great example for how huge and open-endded this game is . . . . . im sure everyone (or most of you) talked to that flat-foot guy in the first town and got the mission to watch ***horn and see where he was hiding the $$$ from him . . . well im sure this task was appraoched with in many ways but after u saw him at his hiding place let see which pach u choose

did u . . . . .

A. go run and tell Flat-foot that u found the spot . . . (the Good guy)
B. Take he $$$ from the spot and give it to him . . . (the really good guy)
C. Take the $$$ and never talk or mention it to him . . . (the Thief)
D. This quest was too hard for me . . . (the newbie)
E. whos flat foot . . . (the guy who dont talk much)