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06-12-2002, 11:23 AM
hey yall I was still trying to figure if I want to blow $50 on this game! Tell me some of your cool stories and experiences that you have had in this game! I like to hear them and it makes me want to go out and buy this game!

06-12-2002, 02:01 PM
Originally posted by Shaggy
hey yall I was still trying to figure if I want to blow $50 on this game! Tell me some of your cool stories and experiences that you have had in this game! I like to hear them and it makes me want to go out and buy this game!

This is from another thread... but it took so god damn long to write (its ok.. I'm at work ;)) that I'm putting it here as well:

Get back from work. Load Morrowind up, its 6:30 pm.

LOCATION: Balmora, Mage's guild
1. Decided I needed a house in this fine town. Examined locations. Decided on an armorer thats actually across the street from mage's guild. Small problem, the armorer has a guard with him. So many ways to deal with this situation... I decide to use my persuasive skills and diss the armorer till he can't take no more and unsheaths his long-sword. After he attacks me once, with a guard as my witness, I exerce my right of self-defence and paralyze the man while I pummel him with my enchanted staff.

2. Well, I now have a house with a guard in it and all this loot! But, I can't take the loot because a guard is standing right in front of me and it would be stealing! I decided on the less elegant approach this time. Summoning a scamp, bonelord and frost atronach from Oblivion I run up to the guard and smack him upside the head with my staff. The guard, lets me know that this action is punishable by law and I can go to jail. I decide however to resist arrest and the guard attacks me. My minions looking dumbly on all this time jump to protect me from an attacker.. and well.. lets just say that it was fun watching

3. Guardless house, even more loot (guards armor is ++$$). So.. I go to the trader across the street and sell all my stuff... but the man only has 700$ for my stuff thats worth 8000$! No problem.. I'll just get him to throw in one expensive 7500$ magic sword and I've technically just done money laundering. I return to my house, deposit all my money and the sword and another guard shows up at my place. Use a quickspell to make him have a perfect disposition towards me and I now have a guarded house where the guard gives me a friendly greeting every time I walk in!

4. Now that I have my house, what should I do? I decide on going to the dwarven Dwemer ruins and stock up on some nice goblets, pitchers, mugs, etc. Bring em back to my new pad and spruce the place up. While I'm in the ruins, I also complete a quest that was given to me awhile back.

5. Go back to my place, take a nap and regen my magicka. Then I decide on doing another quest that was asked of me a long time ago. I trek to the local pub and talk to the travellers inside (I've been asked to kill 5 people in this pub). I scope the place out and things aren't looking too good. A guy on the 2nd floor, 3 guys on the main floor (plus a bartender) and one guy in the basement. I decide on testing out a spell I made for the first time. The spell is named Calaldum Blizzard and does 10-20 frost dmg for 10 seconds over a 30 foot target radius. So.. I cast my blizzard spell on someone on the main floor and everyone from all floors start running at me, yelling death threats and unsheathing their weapons. I turn around and am ready to run for my life, I hear a thud, followed by another.. followed by 4 more. I turn around and I've killed everyone in the house. All 6 people... from 3 different floors.. with one spell. One problem.. I now have a death warrant on my head. Any guards are to kill me on sight.

6. I journey under the cover of the night to the Imperial legion fort closeby where the originator of the quest resides. After talking to the man, I am generously rewarded with a magical ring and the officer is kind enough to.. uh.. erase my legal problems

7. I finally decide after viewing the spectacle in the pub, that I am strong enough to set out on my journey for a wizards staff. The arch-mage of the mage's guild was kind enough to hint out where I might be able to find a renegade sorceress that is shunned by the guild. This sorceress has a wizard's staff. She's in a cave called Sud.

8. After resting in my home, I prepare some potions for the long journey ahead. Once all this is done I leave my house and head for the stilt riders to make my way to the opposite end of the island to Dagon Fel.

9. Once in Dagon Fel, I explore the town quickly because this is my first visit. I know I'll be back here later, so I head out towards the mountains.. towards Sud.

10. After killing various wild-life beasts and birds and examing the flora along the way. I am finally face to face with the entrance to Sud.

11. Save and exit because its 4 am and I get up in 3 hours to come to work. Now its almost 2 and theres only a couple of hours left until I get to play again

06-13-2002, 09:29 AM
Last night made a couple of really awesome spells:

Calaldum Vampyre Bite: Absorbs 20-60 health over 2 secs on touch + paralyze victim for 2 secs on touch. This is almost an instant death spell when target doesn't resist. It takes 40-120 health from the target and gives it to me AND he can't even move so I'm free to go into hiding and do it again if they don't die.

Calaldum Crazylegs: Jump 100 points for 1 sec on self + slowfall 1-3 points for 40 secs on self. This spell kicks ass. It doesn't cost that much mana and lets me travel INSANE distances without even damaging my health. I went from Sadrith Mora to Vos in 2 jumps :) I truly recommend this spell to everyone!

One more that I want to do as well:

Calaldum Ocean Walker: Water breathing + super swim

06-13-2002, 11:06 PM
Dre, whats your level and skills at?

06-15-2002, 10:31 AM
hehe ok i need help killing this wizard guy... i went to dagon fel it hink it is and talk to a few ppl and they said there was this wizard in a tower a lil to the east(i think) so i goto his tower and there are like 4 guards that attack me on site but anway i go invisible and sneak past them and climb up this trapdoor to get to the wizard... now he attacks me on site to he summon a ancectral ghost a bonelord warrior thing a frost atronach the works... anyway i go invisisble and wait till they dissapear after 60 secs and they do then i decide to kill the wizard i cast drain blood on him( it drains magica and health for 5 pts for 30 secs i think) so i cast that 4 times on him !! i even summoned like 4 beasts from hell to help me he still wont die he kills them wit like 1 hit and kills me in 2 solid hits w/ his axe and i tried cast custom break weapon that has 100-100 magnitude and his weapon wont break either so help mme out here is there like som secret to killing him heh