View Full Version : What happened to that MATRIX game??

10-19-2001, 03:32 PM
Haven´t heard of that game since E3. Does anybody knows any news respecting this game?? The next Matrix flic........!!!!!!!!!(Matrix Reloaded) !!!!!...has been posponed till 2003.

I see no one cares about it but I found some old info which helps:

The Matrix games, which are being developed by Shiny Entertainment, will be released first on the Xbox.

Interplay and Microsoft have entered into a multititle agreement to release the upcoming The Matrix games exclusively for the Xbox console for a specific time period. Under the terms of the agreement, Interplay will release the first The Matrix game within three months of The Matrix 2 on a country-by-country basis.

Additionally, other console versions of the game cannot be released by Interplay for a period of six months following the game's release on the Xbox. Finally, such elements as online options, new characters, voice acting from the actual actors, new vehicles and weapons, Woo Ping choreography, and additional music tracks could be exclusive to the Xbox version of the game.
For its part, Microsoft has issued Interplay a $5 million cash infusion to aid in the development of at least five Xbox games, including The Matrix titles.

The agreement was revealed through an Interplay filing with the SEC trade commission. Interplay could not be reached for comment. GameSpot will have more on this story as it develops.