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06-13-2002, 05:04 PM
Hi im new here and this is my first post so here goes

Nobody ever seems to be satisfied with what they have in front of them and that is why developers are constantly adding to and building new products to help fulfill the demands for more products. The Xbox controller that comes with the Xbox is one of the best if not the best controller I have ever used, but a lot of people have suggested that the controller is too big, particularly for people will smaller hands. Microsoft heard these people and created the “Xbox Controller S” which is considerably smaller than the default system controller. Now everyone who spoke out against the size of the Xbox controller have an official alternative to the big brother of the Controller S.


We just received our very own Xbox Controller S and Serenity and I have both tried it out for a few days and have a few things to say about it. The Controller S isn’t just smaller; it has a whole new feel to it, from the D-Pad design to the button placement. Both controllers have the same vital components, the 8-way directional pad (D-Pad), left and right analog sticks, left and right triggers, six pressure-sensitive analog buttons, dual slots for memory cards and other peripherals, as well as built-in rumble to give you a good vibe while gaming. The cords seem about the same length but the specs measure the Controller S at 9.8 feet long and the Xbox Game Controller at 9.5 feet.


Side by side you can see the obvious difference in size and shape between the controllers. A closer look will also reveal the difference in button placement and an even closer look will reveal the difference in shape of the thumb pads as well. The Controller S isn’t just a smaller version of the Xbox Game Controller, it has been redesigned to accommodate gamers’ demands for a slightly different feel and control scheme. You can easily see that the 4 multi-colored buttons of the Controller S are spread a little bit further apart and that they are positioned in more of a north-south-east-west placement. The secondary black and white buttons are in a totally different position on the Controller S. You will find these buttons directly below the 4 main buttons, so those of you that are used to reaching above the main buttons will have to get adjusted to this. For some it may offer easier gameplay, eliminating more of a reach for them on the Xbox Game Controller. Another button movement on the Controller S was moving the Back and Start buttons from the center to the left of the controller.


Controller S D-Pad


Xbox Game Controller D-Pad

The D-Pad on each controller is quite different as well, giving you a much different feel that you will notice when you pick up the controllers. The Xbox Game Controller has more of a contoured disk that “hugs” your thumb, while the Controller S follows the traditional up-down-left-right raised cross design. The cross shape pad of the Controller S will is a recognized design style that has been used since the days of the NES. The analog sticks of each controller are also noticeably different. The Controller S opts for a more “flattened” surface for your thumbs, while the Xbox Game Controller is more rounded off. The Controller S also uses the same design for both the left and right stick, where the Xbox Game Controller uses a nearly rounded off right stick and a slightly flattened left stick.

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Now that you have the lowdown on the design and specs of each controller, let’s get down to what you want to know the most. What do we think of the controller? Well like any good analysis we have two sides to this one. Both Serenity and I have spent a few days playing different games and we both have different opinions about the Controller S and the Xbox Game Controller.

Shockwave’s Thoughts
I am a big fan of the Xbox Game Controller for is ergonomic design and feel. Ever since I first picked up the controller at last year’s E3 show, I was amazed at how natural the controller felt in my hands. I still feel that way and I find myself forgetting that I’m holding a game controller all together. I actually find myself just thinking what I want to do and reacting without having to concentrate on what buttons to hit.

So when I picked up the Controller S I immediately noticed its smaller size and button placement. However, after a few tries I realized that the controller was great for games like DOA3 and most sports titles, but for games like Halo I have to stick with the Xbox Game Controller. I think that the N-S-E-W directional pad works better for games where precise movements are required, such as fighters like DOA3. For games where 360 control is vital, such as Halo or most action/adventure games, the contoured directional pad of the Xbox Game Controller is my definite choice.


Here you can see how each controller fits in my hands. I find the Xbox Game Controller to be more form fitting for my natural hand position and I find myself needing to make less movement when playing. I like the closer button placement of the Xbox Game Controller because I tend to “roll” from one button to the next while I play rather than picking my fingers up to hit the next button.

I would say that I have medium sized hands for an adult my age, and I prefer the Xbox Game Controller because I think it fits my hand perfectly, but I did find that the Controller S had advantages for games like DOA3 and NFL Fever 2002 because each button was spread out a bit so I could make sure I was hitting the right ones. I’m sure that younger gamers and gamers with smaller hands will love the Controller S for its accommodations for players who find the Xbox Game Controller a big large for their tastes.

Serenity’s Thoughts
I never really thought the Xbox Game Controller was too big, but I did always feel it was a bit large. The Controller S is a perfect fit for my small hands and I’m sure that any other gamers out there with small hands will agree. While I do like the contoured the directional pad of the Xbox Game Controller over the cross style of the Controller S, I do like the button placement much better and I find the buttons easier for me to get to. After playing for a few days, my hands felt much less tired after playing while using the Controller S because it is much less straining for me. I found my fingers were right where I wanted them to be and I would suggest that anyone out there who has problems with the size of the Xbox Game Controller try this one out. It’s a great alternative to the default system controller.


I also like that the black and white buttons are below the 4 main buttons because I always had to concentrate on hitting them on the larger controller. I’m glad that the Controller S is more than a smaller version of the Xbox Game Controller and that they actually redesigned its components. I find that the enjoyment of some games actually increases due to using a more comfortable controller. With less reaching I end up with less strain on my hands, and I don’t feel like I’m still holding a controller after I finish playing a game. The Controller S is perfect for any gamer with smaller hands.


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uh, we've known about this for a few months now

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LoL Snoopy, anyways even though it is true, we did know about this for months now. By the way, did this controller just hit the UK?

Also, Welcome to XBA Forums.

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welcome to xba!

btw, you and your chic may awsome hand-models!!

and whats the diffrence between controller s and the jap (NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE i do remember that one post where that guy was talking mess about my pal VenoM) controller

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nice hands very hot :p

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I dont think that Leon actually wrote all that cause at the bottom it said credit Team Xbox. I think he just copied and pasted it and those are someone elses hands. Anyways welcome to XBA.

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lol, we've known about this foeva, but dat's aight, ur new..so welcome to xba!

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I'd like to mention that even though this is not a new topic by any means, it is the first time I've been able to find a pic of the small and large controllers side by side.

Great work!

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Hmmm both controllers look good so I don't really care if they change them from now on. But the Controller S looks too much the PS2 controller mixed with the Gamecube controller.