View Full Version : Nfl Fever 2002

06-16-2002, 08:43 PM
I was just wondering if this has happened to anybody else who has played nfl fever 2002 or even owes it. I just bought it today and the 1st time I was ready to play picking teams n all, it took an extremely long time to load. I don't know what was wrong, if it was the game or my xbox, has this happened to anyone else??

And then once the game started, I quit and re-tried it and it was loading like it should. I found that kind of weird, I might return it just because I get the fear that's gonna happen more now, but if this has happened to anyone else, then I probably won't b/c it's probably just a problem in the game.

please let me know,

06-19-2002, 05:52 PM
It normally takes around 10 seconds for NFL Fever to load anything. If it's taking longer, then there might be something wrong with the disc itself.

And please, let returning NFL Fever be your absolute last option. It's a really good game.