View Full Version : who's Are you going to be BUYING Dead to Rights?? I know I am!!!

06-20-2002, 08:22 PM
www.gamespy.com put up a preview for this wicked game coming to xbox this fall. Included is bullet time, hardcore killing, strippers, and corruption.

"Execution, however, will make Dead to Rights one of the best Xbox games of the year and a model for all other action-adventure games that follow. Think Max Payne meets Metal Gear Solid, toss in some Pikachu side games to keep things fresh, and jam it full of nonstop Hong Kong movie-style action. "

"Dead to Rights draws Max Payne comparisons for its use of its Matrix-like "Bullet Time" effect, allowing Slate to dive through the air, sometimes selecting multiple targets and picking them off one by one. Just tap the button and a quick dive is performed, which is quite useful in those spots when finding cover behind a wall is a matter of life or death. While up against the wall, hit the action button again and slide towards the edge, popping out (a la Time Crisis) for a few quick shots and hurriedly tucking back behind the wall for cover and a reload."

"Another level places you in a strip bar where you have to hit random buttons as they scroll across the bottom of the screen in order to make a stripper dance. She'll distract the thugs, allowing you to get down to business and bring the bloodshed. "


READ THE PREVIEW HERE: http://www.gamespy.com/previews/june02/dtrxbox/