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06-21-2002, 08:58 AM
Dead to Rights ( I found this it may help those ify peps)
It's like your favorite John Woo movie, but without the cheesy dubbing.
By Tony Wyss | Jun. 20, 2002

Game Stats
Game Type: Action-Adventure
Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Release Date: Q3 2002

Full Game Information

Dead to Rights (Xbox)
Lowest current price: $42.17The premise is simple. The concept is rehash. Execution, however, will make Dead to Rights one of the best Xbox games of the year and a model for all other action-adventure games that follow. Think Max Payne meets Metal Gear Solid, toss in some Pikachu side games to keep things fresh, and jam it full of nonstop Hong Kong movie-style action.
Dead to Rights was on display at E3 last month, and while I had a chance to check it out, it was only after receiving the preview copy did I realize the game's true brilliance and full potential. Bursting with a full movie-like script, you play Jack Slate, a typical "movie cop" who can't follow orders, has a penchant for vigilante justice and is blindsided with an enormous chip on his shoulder. After playing through the tutorial, necessary to grasp all the little nuances and gameplay intricacies, Slate comes across the dead body of his father and immediately pronounces his desire for retribution. This is where it starts to get fun.

Because of the game’s nature, aiming is done automatically by using the right trigger to select an enemy in your line of sight. An indicator displays whether or not the enemy is in range (with consideration to the gun’s attributes) and then changes colors when the enemy dies so you know to move on. Each of your adversaries has his own life bar, adding to the game's "arcadey" feel, that allows you to see exactly how much more lead needs to be pumped through the chest of the enemy.

Location damage is included, with headshots inflicting an almost-instant deathblow. Auto aim can be switched to manual aim (first-person style) with a press of a button, but you better have your back covered, because movement in this mode is severely restricted and not exactly advantageous in the two levels available in the preview build.

Controlling Slate is a task that takes some getting used to. The left stick is used for directional movement and the right controls camera perspective on an X-axis. Even with a lot of game time under my belt, it’s still easy to get caught in the heat of a battle with fire coming from all directions and not being able to lock onto an enemy. Slate also has no ability to jump, so even the smallest level terrain changes can act as roadblocks. Tread carefully -- even foot-high obstacles can impede your progress. (I wonder where Slate lost the ability to even hop?)
In Black Hawk Down fashion, the action in Dead to Rights (less the cutscenes) never stops. Enemy fire blazes by at relentless speeds, creating an intense and exciting battle environment; you'll never be pressed for something to do. This atmosphere would be cool enough with any old game, but the versatility Slate possesses in dealing with his foes is the game's real shining light. Not only does DTR sport a full slate of real-world guns (complete with true-to-life recoil and accuracy details), but Slate also has to engage in some nasty hand-to-hand combat to beat the baddies.

Don’t have a gun? Get close to an enemy and pull a quick disarming move: grab an arm, pull it back, seize any firearms, move behind him and quickly (executioner style) put a bullet through his head.
Have a weapon? Hit the same action button and wheel around the enemy, restricting his air passage with a firm forearm around the neck. In this position you can using him as a human shield -- enemies will hesitate before they cap a fellow cohort, but when they do attack, this additional layer of flesh will act as a second level of armor.

Getting rid of your pesky hostage is even more fun, especially when Slate busts down on the back of his head with brute force and the butt of his gun, staying true to the form of the "American Badass." Hitting the action button again during a disarming move will play things out in slow motion, allowing you to watch as bad guy after bad guy get finished off in most impressive ways.


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06-21-2002, 09:00 AM
This will be an awsome game. People should rent it first and see how they like, instead of totally ignoring it!!

06-21-2002, 09:02 AM
Dead to Rights draws Max Payne comparisons for its use of its Matrix-like "Bullet Time" effect, allowing Slate to dive through the air, sometimes selecting multiple targets and picking them off one by one. Just tap the button and a quick dive is performed, which is quite useful in those spots when finding cover behind a wall is a matter of life or death. While up against the wall, hit the action button again and slide towards the edge, popping out (a la Time Crisis) for a few quick shots and hurriedly tucking back behind the wall for cover and a reload.

On top of all this, Slate has a dog hidden somewhere under his coat (it’s not seen until actually used) named Shadow; thankfully he's more than just a visual gimmick. Not only can Shadow aid Slate through tight areas that are necessary for level progression, but his gigantic teeth can also be used as an alternative weapon. Select the dog, target an enemy and away he goes, even returning with the enemies’ gun and anything else that he feels would be a good pickup for his big buddy.

Bombs and canisters -- not grenades, mind you -- are also useful for taking out a large group of baddies or even adjusting the landscape to “unlock” previously unreachable level areas. Target an enemy or anything else that’s capable of combustion, let the canister fly, shoot it midair and cause an explosion that not only finishes the job, but produces one hell of a visual effect as well.

Come a little closer Breaks in the core game appear via cutscenes or level loads. At this point, it may be a good idea to grab another Newcastle from the fridge. Do so quickly, however, because the action that ensues after each level is nastier and much harder than before.

In one spot, you have to line up moving cylinders on heavy machinery to pick a lock, start the machine and drive it through a fence in order to continue the honorable search for your father’s killer. Another level places you in a strip bar where you have to hit random buttons as they scroll across the bottom of the screen in order to make a stripper dance. She'll distract the thugs, allowing you to get down to business and bring the bloodshed.

However, the stripper doesn't get naked. We tried. Everything.

Graphically, Dead to Rights is neither Max Payne nor Metal Gear, but manages to hold its own thanks to the obvious beef of the Xbox hardware. The lack of great graphics may be because DTR will be available on the PlayStation 2 later this year, which means it has to be playable on that console.
Everyone's doing it! DTR showcases a lot of little details other games omit, my favorites being the Slate's disgusted body language when he throws a gun down to the ground when it’s out of ammo, and seeing holes and debris flying off stone walls as bullets miss their potential targets. Slow-mo is available during the disarm moves for a reason: it looks really smooth, obviously motion captured by someone who knew a thing or two about beating ass. You’ll find yourself performing disarms even when it’s probably not the smartest idea -- they just look so damn good.
With the game shipping on August 20, the team behind Dead to Rights has plenty of time to polish it up, but it’s worth mentioning that our code was the same present on the floor at E3, so naturally they’re much farther along than any of us even know. If used wisely, the additional development time could take Dead to Rights from being a "must-have" title to a true candidate for GameSpy's "Console Game of the Year." Either way, we’re all in for a treat.
Now what do you think? I am getting it, as soon as EB gives the word on free shipping. hehe

06-21-2002, 09:07 AM
All this comes to you do to the fact that I just finished my homework and left the other book that I was to start at home....woops
Man this sucks ars I have to read two full books a week the write papers on them and give a presentation on them in class. I am reading big books too, I read all the time now,,,which would be fine if it was this months OXM but no thats on the table getting dusty.grr

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Originally posted by Brevity

Have a weapon? Hit the same action button and wheel around the enemy, restricting his air passage with a firm forearm around the neck. In this position you can using him as a human shield -- enemies will hesitate before they cap a fellow cohort, but when they do attack, this additional layer of flesh will act as a second level of armor.

OH MY!! that sounds like some pretty heavy duty $hit... i like it!!!

06-21-2002, 10:16 AM
This game looks so phat, I am definatly picking it up!

06-21-2002, 01:03 PM
That game looks preety coll. WIll it be an exclusive though??:eek:

06-21-2002, 01:16 PM
A time excluisive, it will be on Xbox for 6 months and then PS2 gets a lousy port!!