View Full Version : i played the xbox finally

10-21-2001, 07:55 PM
i played it and WHOA! i couldnt believe it was the first gen *****. man, SHENMUE 2! MGSX! ABE! GRAPHICS! HALO! DOA3! PROJECT GOTHAM! MEDAL OF HONOR! DVD! FRAMERATE! ok i better stop. anyway....get one. the controller is perfect for my hands but i have big hands. like i have said in other forums, if you thought the DC controller was nice, then you definatly will love the xbox one. please get this system. the xbox stand at babbages was next to the ps2 one and it put the ps2 to shame. and there wasnt even a GC stand lol! a worker at babbages made a good point. he said the xbox is the same price as the ps2 and four times better. ps2 is no comparisson. get xbox! :D :D :D !!

P.S. they should rename taco bell "xbox". its all you see on the out and in of the store.

10-21-2001, 07:56 PM
sweet, i wish i played xbox, join this (http://pub96.ezboard.com/bplaystation285796)

10-21-2001, 08:28 PM
geez would you stop?!?! on other threads you say how xbox sucks and ps2 is better! you just want ppl to join your forum. stop! all you do is agree with what ppl say to get them to like you and join you and your 3 members. i dont want to ok? not trying to be mean. its just that ppl are happy where they are. ok back on subject. i played xbox. what do you guys think? its awesome!

10-21-2001, 08:50 PM
I finally got to play the x-box and I was very impressed with the graphics and the controller. I thought old-world looked really cool but after playing it I have decided not to get it. I guess its just not the type of game I like and if I did like that type of game I would probably get a GCN. I really only had the chance to play it for one minute so I could change my mind but I doubt I will.

10-21-2001, 09:05 PM
Im trying,really, really, hard to stay away from the playable XBOXs at some stores. So when i get the system on Nov. 15 it will be fresh, i'll be surpriesed. I dont want to ruin that. But... If i so happen to pass by one. I'l see what happens. ;)

10-22-2001, 01:21 AM
I will not play XBox until it is at my house. Same reason as XboxLunatic.

10-22-2001, 08:23 PM
i finally got to try an xbox at tru the demo game was not bad, the controllers were rel cosy