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06-28-2002, 02:18 PM
i dont know why i bother to go to gamers.com, but occasionaly i do. i found a segment called thinking out loud, written by someone who works for the official ps mag. among other things, he called the xbox a loser, so i felt compelled to send him a note. i then realized he probably wont read it, but i figured i'd put it here for you guys to see:

I would first like to start this letter by saying that in addition to an xbox, I also own a ps1, a dreamcast, a tricked-out pc, and if zelda and metroid live up to expectations, I will also end up owning a game cube. Now that my 'I'm not a fan-boy' disclaimer is in place, I would like to inform you that I have taken exception to some of the points in your article regarding microsofts console.
First the statement about the future xbox being 'less of a loser'. By what do you mean loser? Losing money? Yes, at least for now. But if you are talking about sales figures and attach rates, the xbox is basically in a tie for second (or firmly in second depending upon whose numbers you believe) with the game cube, as far as the us and europe are concerned. Why does no one ever question the viability of a nintendo product in this market? By all rights it isnt doing that well either, and yet we rarely hear the media griping about its shoddy controller or the lack of quality titles beyond rogue squadron, super monkey ball, and resident evil.
Secondly, do you not feel that your jounalistic integrity is somewhat compromised when you , as the employee of an 'official sony playstation' publication, badmouths the E3 line-up of sony's main competitor as being lackluster, when the bulk of the gaming community felt that said competitor (I'm talking about the xbox) had the most promising line-up? I realize that a cat with a vaccum cleaner doesnt hold a place in our hearts like an italian plumber, but I would much rather see an innovative game, using hardware to achive gameplay that has been unheard of before(not to mention splendid graphics), than see a familiar character reliying on familiar gameplay concepts.
I'll try and keep this short as I realize this may go unread and I would hate to waste my typing energy on a rant that will likely go unnoticed, but I would like to spout off on one more topic. I consider myself a fair and reasonable person (notice the lack of personal attacks and obscenities in this communication) and I tend to route for the underdog. Why then do I seem to be concerned with microsofts position in this whole 'console war' when they are at least financialy, not an underdog? Out of fairness. I don't think the video game press has done enough to dispell unfounded rumors that circulate amongst the uneducated video game public. Console dont get viruses, nor are they predisposed to burning down houses, or blowing up in general. And yet these rumors persist because everyone would like to see the mighty giant fail, even if it means that the best product available fails with them. For graphics capability, sound, potential, and value, the xbox is currently the best gaming console available. Will I buy a ps3 when it comes out? You bet, provided that it is the best device available. I realize that sony has a larger installed user base, and therefore many developers are more willing to put the time and efforrt into a ps2 game, because they will be able to sell more copies. Simple economics. But consumers are not getting the best available product, and in the end, to the gamer, thats what matters most. But I guess this isn't all bad because it keeps pc gaming alive! Thanks for your time.

06-28-2002, 03:15 PM
maybe off topic..

but great response yall. more gamers need to learn to reply intelligently like u did.

btw...that qoute from your sig. did you get it from primus or the cheech and chong flick?

06-28-2002, 03:49 PM
that was a great letter dude. i cant wait to see the guys response. when he responds, can u post it here?:D :)

06-28-2002, 04:11 PM
Nice letter. Save it on ur computer and send it every week until u get a response.

06-28-2002, 04:26 PM
thanks guys! and dznutz, i was quoting paul reubens (aka pee wee herman) from cheech & chongs movie. nice dreams, i think.