View Full Version : Leveling Guide (Sorry if this has been posted before)

07-01-2002, 12:28 PM
I don't go to these forums as often as I would like to so I miss out on some good posts. If this has been up before I apologize for being redundant.

If you fully understand leveling just disregard this post. But when I first started I had know idea this is how level in the game works. Here are some tips that help me:

-Your major / minor skills are not that important at all as far as what the skill actually does. You can build any skill up easily.

-Don't pick major/ minor skills that level up on their own from only questing. (i.e. acrobatics, athletics, sneak) Because it will be more difficult to recieve the x5 multiplier. This will make more sense after you read everything.

-Choose your skills so you have a broad array of contributors to attributes. (I.E. Try to get a least 1 major / minor skill that adds to each attribute: str, will, int., etc...)

-To gain a level you need to gain 10 skill points of your major / minor skills.

-The best way to gain a level is for all 10 skill points towards your level to have the same governing attribute.
Major skill: Long Blade (governing attribute: STR)
Minor skill: Amorer (governing attribute: STR)
It does not matter how many points are gained in each skill as long as all 10 points towards your level are governed by STR. In that case you will recieve a x5 multiplier by STR when you level. If you get 8/10 or 9/10 governed by STR, you will have an x4, and so on down the latter.

-This method is the same for every attribute.

-But you get to distribute 3 points each level and the x5 will only work for one point. So here is how to get more multipliers. The x5 comes from major / minor skills. Now to get x2 or x3 you have to level your MISC skills. After you gain your 10/10 points to achieve a level but before you rest to gain the level, go to a skill trainer and train the MISC skills of your choice. For example if you level your MISC skill block (gov. attribute AGI) you will get the x2 multiplier when your level is gain. I believe if you level a MISC skill multiple times, the x2 multiplier can be an x3 or x4.

-Anyway I hope this helps alot of you because when I started playing I was absolutely clueless on this matter. But when I figured it out I started over and now I have a level 36 character and with my +skills stuff off Im basically maxed out on all attributes.