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07-01-2002, 05:32 PM
I am in the part when you arrive in Balmora and you have to meet up w/ Caius Cosades. Then after he tells you before you recieve your orders from the Blades, you first have to go to the fighters guild in town and meet up with Hosphat Antabolis and ask him for information on the sixth house and nerevarine. Antabolis agrees to give information once youdo a small favor for him.


He tells you to go to the nearby ruins of Arkngthand, then find some sort of a cube with a circular design on it. I have searched and i cant find it. i've been stuck for three days.

And ic cant find the champion varro in fort manmooth who wants to speak with me.


thank you

07-01-2002, 05:55 PM
I haven't done that quest yet (Ive been doing only guild quests) but I stumbled upon Arkngthand doing the mage guild quest where you have to go to Sillipund. Anyway, I was searching that place and I found that cube but it wouldn't let me pick it up (probably because I have not gotten that quest yet).
Here is where it is.
Im a little fuzzy on that place since I have not been there for awhile, but if I remember correctly the cube is in a room not far from the entrance. This is where I think it is: When you enter, you on a ledge looking down into a big room....on the whole other side of that big room there is a ledge. Now instead of going under the ledge, which is what you probably have done, you need to fall down on top of it. Once your on that ledge you will see a guy with a big hammer, kill him then the cube should be around there somewhere.
Sorry I am not that descriptive but I never knew that cube had significance until I read this post so I am not exactly sure where it is. The main things I remember are falling down to a ledge, and that it is close to the entrance. Hope that helps you.

07-02-2002, 11:58 AM
As soon as you enter the main door to the ruins, you will walk down a stone "stairway" that curves to the left. When you reach the bottom, turn left and you will be facing three circular iron doors that go into Weepingbell Hall. Don't go into those doors. Instead look to the left of those doors and you will see another stone stairway leading up to the ledge above the doors. Walk up there and that is where the cube is.

07-02-2002, 05:05 PM
Right thats it...I just fell and got there a different way.

07-02-2002, 07:48 PM
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