View Full Version : Master Trainers!

07-02-2002, 09:07 PM
Hi guys, I have heard rumors of Master Trainers (Guys that will, for a price, train a certain skill to 100). Is this rumor false or do Master Trainers do exist, if so where?

07-04-2002, 02:03 AM
a list at the unofficial elder scrolls pages web site

07-04-2002, 06:19 AM
With your halo pic, you had me confused. Your answer is yes, however. Any trainer will keep on training, if you have fundage for it. I'm still a newbie in my opinion. However, I'm in AldRuhn (apostrophe's missing), and I'm stealing left and right in the mages guild to give the ring guy (thieve's guild) some object that's locked up on high level. I killed the magic guy, so I can leave and enter the empty guild as I please. I'm stealing everything to up my security rank to open higher level locks. Seems if you kill the guy, your time there's unlimited. You may be passed this, but I know I can keep earning money by stealing to get more training to open these complex locks. Morrowind's a TIME HOG, but I love it ! :D