View Full Version : Lord Vivec

07-03-2002, 04:37 PM
hey has anybody here found or beaten lord vivec? my friend said he is like the hardest npc in the game.. i know he is somewhere in vivec heh but i cant seem to find him and my friend who has morrowind is out of town so i cant ask him :)

07-03-2002, 04:41 PM
I was going to go fight him, but I lost interest and continued on with the main storyline for a while longer. Today I got bored again and decided to go to Red Mountain (where I've never been yet). I found 3 seperate dwemer ruins around, and raided them all. The last one is actually Dagoth Ur, and I made my way deep into the innards of Dagoth Ur to find... Dagoth Ur: the false god! I don't know how hard Vivec is, but Dagoth Ur is definitely the hardest NPC I've fought yet. Of course I died while fighting him, then I took a break and wrote this here.

I think I'm going to go to creeper and sell all the loot I've picked up from the Red Mountain area, then do some constant effect items and try a little harder to beat Dagoth Ur.