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07-05-2002, 07:51 PM
A few days ago, I hooked up with the House Hlaalu. I did tons and tons of quests in a short while, to get me to position of House Father. Around the time I was a Kinsman, I bought a deed in Vivec, and got a contract from the Duke. I started and completed "stage 1" of building my manor. Then I had to recruit miners and cure the queen. I did so, and started and completed "stage 2". Then I had to get a guard and clear out a cavern. I did that also. And started and completed "stage 3". But I have several questions:

1) Why do I only have one guard? And why does he still have the option for him to fight with me or stay in one spot? Also, can you get him to patrol around instead of just standing there?

2) Can you get more guards?

3) I am told I have miners working for me in my mine, but they are not there. Where are my miners?

4) Is this house mine? It doesn't feel like it. I have people downstairs and on my property, why the hell are they there? How come I have no control?

5) Is it safe to store all of my expensive and heavy books and weapons, etc., in "my" house? They won't go away, will they?

This house just doesn't feel like mine. I have one guard. I have people in my house. I have chests that are locked in "my" own room. There doesn't appear to be any way to lock my own stuff in there either. I just stick it in a chest or drawer, but there is no sense of posession or anything. It just feels like I killed the old man and knocked up the wife like I do in every manor or house, and store stuff around before I had my manor. It doesn't feel like mine, it feels like any other person's house. What's the deal? Why would I rather have this than Nerano manor that I have "had" for half the game? Even in that one I have the house to myself. Please explain, thanks.

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Please, can you help me out on any of these?

08-29-2006, 01:56 PM
How do you get to step one?