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07-08-2002, 10:18 PM
All teams controlled by humans! We started one back on dreamcast and had a BLAST...but unfortunately a lot of people weren't able to keep up with stat tracking etc., so things didn't end up too well :( I have however heard of NFL leagues, and an NBA league run fully and successful, so I'm really hoping we
can get an NBA League organized. I am going to start recruiting now, and ask that all interested parties be 100% sure they can commit to a full 82 game season and playoffs in order to ensure the league's sucess.

This ultimate would be if Xbox keeps track of season stats ... username/team .... if they're online .... forum for the league members to join through the xbox. With the hard drive...all of this is possible! Hell...imagine saving replays of final minute of play down the stretch of a TIGHT game or OT ... you could
put that up on highlight reels in the online forum. **** would be so sweet! Scores from around the league...scores of games in progress!! Trades that update all rosters upon login to season forum! Man there is so much they can do, and for the first time in console history, with the XBOX it's all possible. All depends on whether or not the developers will take the time and effort
to realize the possibilities. I hear Madden for PC has an online franchise mode that is similar to what I hope for above.

I will be running an NBA2k3 league with some help from hopefully a few of you who want to help run the league. In the event that you just want to play and not have any league organizational responsibilities, then that is totally fine too! Mabye someone who would be interested could help develop a template in
which people could enter the final stats into a website after the game is complete, and we could use the website as the news page and general forum. ((I might have someone to help us do this, but it's not a definate thing as of yet))

So if any of you are interested in joining the NBA2k3 league, please email me directly at heinekentoronto@hotmail.com with:

Your Name:

Xbox Live User Name You hope to get:

Will you definately buy NBA2k3 on release date:

Do you have Broadband, and if not will you have
it by NBA2k3's release date:

Will you be subscribed to Xbox Live by
NBA2k3's release date:

Can you Program Websites, stats tracking
software for our site and such (Please only
apply here if you are confident you can do
a professional job as I want the league to be
great for us all):

Interested in helping to run the league or
just want to play:

Will you definately be dedicated to a league
and play regularly to finish regardless
of team or your record:

How many season games do you deem highly
likely that you could play per week regularly:

AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name:

AIM will be the Instant Messenger of choice for the league that we will all use in order to keep track of fellow members. It is important that everyone downloads it directly from http://aim.com/ ... set up a screen name .. and when we get closer to the release of NBA2k3 we can all leave AIM on when we're by the computer...this way we can easily schedule games with the people next up on your schedule. I'll send you all a list of users to add and what teams they are as we start getting into the technical details of the league. You do NOT have to be an AOL customer to use AIM .. and it's free and easy to use.

Email Address:

PLEASE ... send me your email address that you check regularly! It's important that when I contact you that we can have reasonable response times in order to continually guage member interest as well as making sure important information about the league is read by you. I will be checking this email address regularly, however will send you my main ISP's email
address when I send you emails.

I'll keep posting this regularly to this newsgroup and various forums. Again, if you are not 100% sure that you can commit and will be readily available and enthusiastic, please please do not join because it will just ruin it for us all :(

Thank you! :)

07-10-2002, 10:20 PM
i wanna be Lakers :)