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07-09-2002, 03:48 PM
Sega's After Infogrames?
Tuesday, July 9, 09:38 | Talon |
Some time ago, Sega turned over the publishing of all their titles in Europe to Infogrames so, its with that in mind that this next story has a hint of irony to it. In an article from the Wall Street Journal it was reported that Sega is lining up a major acquisition and, as most have probably guessed, Infogrames could be the target. While not a lot of direct hints were given, the article did state that Sega was currently in talks to acquire both U.S. and European publishers to expand their publishing presence on an international level.
The article also quoted Sega’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) Tetsu Kayama as saying, “if a studio has something that Sega does not have, then we’ll do an acquisition.” The report also caused shares in Infogrames to jump 23 percent but, although things seem promising, analysts are singing a different tune due to the size of Infogrames and its debt.