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10-26-2001, 02:42 PM
Below are two shots of the Visualization for Windows Media Player 8 that features Munch.



He Does The Following Things While Playing A Song:
- Spins In His Chair
- Does Back Flips In Chair
- One Arm Behind Back, Waves
- Sways Arms Back And Forth
- Makes Motion Like He's Wheeling His Wheelchair
- Raises The Roof
- Has a seizure (Seriously, has to be seen to believe)

10-26-2001, 02:45 PM
wtf is that about???

scarecrow kfj
10-26-2001, 02:48 PM
is it a screen saver or what?

10-26-2001, 03:25 PM
No, it's not a screen saver. Similar to WinAmp, Windows Media Player has visualizations, which generate graphics that go along with the beats of the music. In the visualization with Munch, he does certain movements with certain beats of the music. I forgot to add on the first post that some times he moves his mouth with the words of the song, usually during quiet parts. It's pretty freaky.

10-26-2001, 03:34 PM
As the title of the original thread says, it's included in Microsoft Plus XP. Just a quick Q Jeremy, do you have a cable/dsl or other fast connection? If not, I could snail mail it to you.

10-26-2001, 03:39 PM
The title of the thread is "Munch in Plus XP Pics" :D
I have it zipped in a 4.87mb file, if you have an e-mail address, i can send it.

Old Sckool
10-26-2001, 04:13 PM
Its all on the Plus pack of windows XP along with a load of others.

10-26-2001, 04:47 PM
plus pack for winXP? HAHAHA junk.

10-27-2001, 01:20 AM
e-mail it here:


please.. thanks :)

10-28-2001, 03:52 PM
Does he do windows ? literally.