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07-24-2002, 02:13 PM
There are two games which converted me to a true believer in the shooter--Halo and GoldenEye. Of the shooters i've played, Halo and GoldenEye are clearly the best. (Perfect Dark was perfect until aliens begin appearing after the AirForceOne mission) I'm going to go through the pros and cons of each, and then you can make the decision. It's just too hard for me to decide which is better.

First of all, comparing graphics is not fair. Halo and GoldenEye both showed superior graphics for their respective consoles.

Right after killing your first two Russians, you get a sniper rifle to pick off more. To me, using the sniper rifle was much more fun in GoldenEye. You could wait until the soldier starts swatting at flies. SNIPE. And then watch as he fell lifelessly to the ground. Killing humans is more thrilling than slaughtering aliens, you just cant relate to them.

However, the AI in GoldenEye was sad at times, as circling around enemies and firing often proved very effective. The enemies in Halo, although less amusing to kill (with the exception of chasing down a screaming Grunt), were far more terrifying and intelligent. Just how did it feel to see those massive Hunters prowling about. And as for AI of your teammates, the marines in Halo proved much effective and humorous than Natalya and her lame a** comments.

As for the characters, GoldenEye shines with the sexy Natalya, the sexier Xenia, 006, Boris, and the rest of the gang; while, in Halo, the characters like Captain Keyes and Cortana are easily forgettable and better forgotten.

Halo's weapons concentrated highly on detail, i.e. as the assualt rifle counts the number of rounds remaining in your clip. Also the plasma rifle overheating is a nice touch. This made using a particular weapon more enjoyable in Halo. But GoldenEye was quite generous with their weapons. Even though Halo had a nice variety, GoldenEye overwhelmed us with selection. Can you remember half the weapons, Couger Magnum, PP7, Dostovei, RCP-90, laser, kf7, tazer, knives, proximity mines, golden-gun, klobb,...it's ridiculous, the list doesnt end. And having two Dostovei's that was sweet.

Having only two guns added a bit of strategy in Halo which was great, but it was fun choosing 20 different ways to finish each poor Russian in GoldenEye.

For the grenades and explosives, I dont know which one was more enjoyable--throwing a plasma grenade onto a grunt and hearing him scream "get it off, get it off" or watching all the scientists fly and flasks shatter after throwing in a remote mine.

The scope of each level is much greater in Halo. Take the 'raiding the beach' level and you'll understand what I mean. The levels are extraordinary in Halo especially in the beginning, but soon you're spendind forever in the same damn ships and going across the same bridge thrice. In GoldenEye, you do have to repeat the Surface and the Bunker, but the variety and number of great level designs (The dam, the facility, the bunker, silo, frigate, statue park, train, archives, jungle, cradle, aztec, and egyptian) more than makes up for it and humiliates Halo's repetition.

In GoldenEye, the tank was a revolution in gaming for me. Vehicles in a FPS. WOW. What could be better than James Bond driving a tank and trashing apart a town. Nothing. That was until I took a wild ride in the Warthog. Flying off mountains, blasting it into the air, and even flipping it over and flipping it back. Halo is one of the best vehicle games, and its a FPS. I didnt even mention the Ghost, Scorpion, or Banshee yet.

Halo's gameplay starts off with a bang as covenant tear your pillar of autumn apart. But the gameplay slowly slips away as repetition sinks in, and becomes nearly dreadful with the Flood encounter (God, I hope Halo 2 has no Flood) GoldenEye continually remains fresh as you have to protect Natalya, save hostages, escape from a train with your watch, blow up gas tanks, set bugs, take out cameras, kill Jaws!, and on and on. But as great as these moments are, they just dont compare to the greatness of moments in Halo like when the first dropship sends its first batch of Covenant after you. Halo keeps suprising you in amazement but its just not consistent or as relentless as GoldenEye.

Finally, how cool were the 007 mode and all the incredible creative cheats in GoldenEye. How much time did I spend on the Facility time-cheat? I got 1:24 and that still wasnt fast enough for me. How cool would that have been to have the tiny cheat in Halo; To be a tiny master chief and fight and even larger, even more terrifying Hunter. Or imagine all the enemy with rocket launcher cheat in Halo? I dont think the Grunts would run away anymore if they all had rocket launchers.

All this talk makes me want to leave work and turn on my xbox and hook up my N64 and figure it out thoroughly. But I'm stuck at "work" if I can call this working, so I need ya'll to decide for me.


07-28-2002, 12:21 AM
Well well well...my favourite game on the N64 and my favourite game on the Xbox.

Goldeneye was fun...but my friends don't play it with me anymore cause I'm too good at it :)

Now that I'm done bragging....

In Goldeneye you basically get a gun....and sidestep all around while blindly shooting at guys. And if you have remote mines..well they're dead because you just detonate em in the air.

AI is much better on Halo. AI is much better on Halo. Sorry just had to say that more than once. The AI was quite brutal on Goldeneye. Well anyways good games none the less...

And besides..you get vehicles in Halo...BONUS!!

(taking into account that the tank in goldeneye..well...you get it for one level wasn't it?)

07-28-2002, 05:56 PM
Wow man, Great post, Sorry I didn't see it earliar! You deserve a lot of credit for it!
I loved Goldeneye! It was easily the best game for N64! It set the standard for FPS. But I personally liked Halo more! It was so crazy! I loved the second level! When I first hopped into the Warthog with two soldiers I was astounded! I thought I was like dreaming lol! And man what a twist the story takes when I first encountered the flood I didn't know what the fuc k to do lol, I wasted all my grenades on those little leetch shi.ts, lol (eventhough I hate the flood, it was a great twist in the story). Goldeneye and Halo are the two nominees for the best shooters ever! In the end I think Halo wins... I like the multiplayer ALOT better than Goldeneye's, and you can play Halo on the net! Its so fun! I just can't believe that the 007 Series let EA make their games! Agent Under Fire has to be one of the worst XBox games out! I wish Rare came back and made a kick ass 007 game again... But until that happens, I'm going with Halo as the best FPS ever made!

07-29-2002, 04:03 PM
overall i think halo is better. its a game that deserves to go down in fps history along with goldeneye,doom,and wolfstein 3d. but its kinda hard ot compare the two seeing its a war game and goldeneye is a more...stealthy-like,objective game. halo might not have 30 different guns but they were on another planet and whats th point of having each person hae a different gun? they made a good amount. 1 of each type. a explosive gun,a sniper gun, a machine gun, a power gun, and a handgun, and the rest were covenent weapons. who knows, maybe halo next will go into fps history too...

07-30-2002, 09:55 AM
Halo is the best FPS out there. A instant classic. Although Golden Eye is great it just doesn't feel as epic as Halo. You never feel totally immersed in the gaming and it just doesn't give you that brilliant feeling you get when you get on a tank in Halo. Golden Eye. Great tank action. Halo. OMG! The Scorpion MBT should be mandatory for all FPSs. It just kicks ass! I personally hate the wide range of weapons you get in Golden Eye now. They aren't as balanced as Halo and you usually find yourself using the "best" or "most fun" weapons and rarely try out others. I mean sure, you have fun using so many different types of weapons, but you don't get the satisfaction that you get when using "weak" weapons of Halo or experimenting with the 2 weapons combos. I would rather play Half Life over Golden Eye but thats just me.

Halo has changed my entire view on FPSs

07-30-2002, 10:05 AM
Tinny u reminded me about the whole oo many weapons thing. i completely forgot about that. i remeber that game when i has 20 different weapons and i always was getting more and there was so many so i just used the revolver cuz it was cool.

07-30-2002, 10:53 AM
Dude im sorry but i think that u r comparing the wrong 2 games GoldenEye was ok but not as good as Perfect Dark . . . i still think the mulit in Perfect dark is the best FPS multi ever for a console . . . . if only Halo had bots, stats, and more then 2 freaking teams for team games!!!!! just cauz PD had aliens dont make it a worse game then golden eye . . . and did i miss something where was the tank in goldne eye . . . . i played the whole game but the last 2 levels, was it in them

07-30-2002, 12:19 PM
Originally posted by OppiumNitrates
Dude im sorry but i think that u r comparing the wrong 2 games GoldenEye was ok but not as good as Perfect Dark . . . i still think the mulit in Perfect dark is the best FPS multi ever for a console . . . . if only Halo had bots, stats, and more then 2 freaking teams for team games!!!!! just cauz PD had aliens dont make it a worse game then golden eye . . . and did i miss something where was the tank in goldne eye . . . . i played the whole game but the last 2 levels, was it in them

I agree that Perfect Dark was a lot better than Goldeneye. The best part of it was how they kept your stats like headshots, kills, deaths, and what level you were. And there were soo many levels to play on, although they were tiny. I think Pefect Dark has cooler weapons than Halo, they were very futuristic. And bots were very cool to, how you could command them where to go and what to do. I still play PD on occasions. And the tank on Goldeneye on the third level "Runway" where you had to escape to the airplane.

07-30-2002, 12:32 PM
Originally posted by rage1mj7

I agree that Perfect Dark was a lot better than Goldeneye. The best part of it was how they kept your stats like headshots, kills, deaths, and what level you were. And there were soo many levels to play on, although they were tiny. I think Pefect Dark has cooler weapons than Halo, they were very futuristic. And bots were very cool to, how you could command them where to go and what to do. I still play PD on occasions. And the tank on Goldeneye on the third level "Runway" where you had to escape to the airplane.

Hell yeah dude the stats in PD were awsome me and my boiy would alwasy compare them and try to get the most stars . . . ok i think i remember but want the the level u could beat in like 5 seconds . . i dont thinbk i wased my time with the tank at all

E Nomini Patri
07-30-2002, 01:33 PM
The tank on the Runway is to the right of the building you start in, and there is a tank on the Streets level (from where you start, turn left, and get straight). It is very fun running over your escape plane, enemies, cars, and civilians.;)

07-30-2002, 06:01 PM
halo sucks,don't contridict me because i OWN the game.

07-30-2002, 06:10 PM

1) Better graphics
2) Faster speed
3) Newer console
4) Vehicles support
5) Online gaming

Perfect Dark

1) s h i t t y graphics
2) Slow
3) Older console
4) No vehicles support
5) No online gaming

I can proudly say Xbox's Halo is better than N64's :rolleyes: Perfect Darkness (AKA Blind) :rolleyes:

07-30-2002, 06:12 PM
Originally posted by xbox_elf
halo sucks,don't contridict me because i OWN the game.

Halo sucks huh? Go back to your beloved N64 and play perfect Dark forever while everyone else in the world is playin' Halo2, Halo3, Halo4, etc....They are known as the updated ppl. Aren't like you. :rolleyes:

07-30-2002, 09:20 PM
umm...what!?where in the world did the subject of perfect dark come from!?

07-30-2002, 09:51 PM
by the way,perfect dark is a whole lot better than halo,that's for sure.more levels,better replay value,better multiplayer levels,best graphics for n64,so i don't know why you're making halo the best thing in the world,it seems you have no interest in gameplay only graphics and power.and about the reply where you said i was "outdated",i'm not dumbass,i just care about the gameplay of a good game,but to make you believe i'm not,i will play unreal championship,brute force,and doom3 and all these games will kick halo's ass.

07-30-2002, 11:58 PM
brute force,and doom3 and all these games will kick halo's ass.
Of course they will. Halo is a superior game now, but eventually it will fall to the new games that will capitalize on the short comings of Halo. That's the hard part of being the king so early in the game race. Eventually you will be passed up by the bigger hitters and there's nothing you can do but pray that Halo 2 will be the better game when it comes out. The longer you hold out the release a game, the better chances it will have to be the best. That is as long as it is a good game to begin with. I love Halo, but I don't mind if it kind of slips down the list. It has it's good parts, but I do indeed think that eventually the torch will be passed to a new king of FPS's. Halo was the Xbox's launch flagship. Now it's time for someone to pick up the pieces and carry the torch. This would make a good thread.
Hold that thought......

Xbox_elf, you seem a little hostile. Maybe it's the 21 posts in one day. Your first day being registered. (Hi welcome) Did you know you spelt dragon wrong in your sig?
But I digress...
Golden eye was a pretty cool game. I'd take goldeneye over the piece of steaming garbage of a game, 007 agent under fire.
But it's hard to make a direct comparison of Halo to GE. Can't compare graphics, because of the 2 different generation of machines.. But I'd have to admit, I thought the controls on GE where not as good as the controls on Halo.

07-31-2002, 12:11 AM
Halo and GoldenEye, your favorite games for Xbox and N64--great taste in video games.

Yeah, I'd lose GoldenEye buddies because I was too good also. I know how hard that is. Soon I'd lose a few frags on purpose to keep them. 'Wow Sally (my sister), you killed me again', with +10 for her and -10 for me. I considered myself the greatest GoldenEye player at one point; I wish we had a go. Too bad GoldenEye will never be on XboxLive.

And it seems that you think the remote mines were too cheap. But I thought the ability to detonate them in air made the remote mines one of the greatest weapons I've ever seen in a video game. They were great in a tight spot, and you could launch soldiers beautifully with them, and they made multiplayer remote mine battles quite intense.

In GoldenEye, the tank was used in two levels--the Streets and the Runway. Thats one more level than you get in Halo.


07-31-2002, 01:08 AM
thanks for replying calve,
But in the time it took anyone to reply, I played both GoldenEye and Halo extensively, and in the long run I think my all time favorite FPS is GoldenEye (by a very small margin). When I first played Halo, I thought it would always be the best game I ever played. But GoldenEye will better stand the test of time and gameplay. Besides Halo has enough supporters, I remain one of the last few diehard GoldenEyers.

Yeah you're right the second level will go in gaming history as one of the greatest levels, seeing the terrifying dropships in action and first getting to ride the Warthog. And after a few more legendary levels, the flood. It is an interesting twist like you said, but I think it's Halo's dreadful mistake. The marine-cam reminded me of the movie Aliens which got me excited but then came the flood. They were like Half-Life alien rejects. They completely screwed up the end after such a strong start, just like in A.I. They were so f*cking annoying to kill; and they sure did waste all our frag grenades.

As for the multiplayer, both are superior. Halo's is more technically superior and better when playing with vehicles, but on the whole I think the brilliant level designs and weapon variety made GoldenEye a better multiplayer game. But I havent played Halo on LAN yet though.

I'd also like to see the Bond video game franchise return to the trusty hands of Rare, although that might mean Bond games would be exclusively for GameCube. EA sure did screw up the FPS portion of Agent Under Fire, but dont forget The World Is Not Enough sure did kick some serious ass.


07-31-2002, 01:44 AM
I agree with you; Halo is an instant classic. I just had a feeling Halo was going to be brilliant right when the guy leading me got blown away on the Pillar of Autumn in the very beginning.

But I disagree with you about GoldenEye. How could you not feel immersed in GoldenEye. Did you forget having to blow up the facility tanks while your friend 006 got it in the head count down style? Or fixing the silo with plastics as you raced to the top? Or lasering your way out of the train as you raced against time before it blew up? Or busting out of jail and picking of soldier by soldier with throwing knives? I could go on and on. Is shooting hords of aliens really more immersive than all these fantastic, mind-tingling missions. I think you need to play GoldenEye again just to remind yourself how fresh and immersive the missions were.

I agree driving the Scorpion was awesome. But the tank in GoldenEye set the stage for the Scorpion.

As for your weapon argument, I'm baffled. In both games, where the shooting never seems to stop, a very large weapon selection is highly appreciated. Halo didnt seem to understand that. You mention that GoldenEye had a variety that was too large--how can you complain about a larger selection? If you think the RCP-90 or AK-33 made the game too easy, then dont use it. Rare made the kick-ass weapons for the beginners. Personally, my favorite weapons were the Dostovei and the throwing knives. You also mention the satisfaction of using "weak" weapons in Halo. There were far more "weak" weapons in GoldenEye. What do you think the PP7, Dostovei, knives, klobb (boy was that a sh*tty but fun gun), and hell even slapper were for? For the better players.

Finally GoldenEye was king of the two weapon combo. In Halo, it was a strategy that didnt add that much to gameplay. While in GoldenEye you could play with two of every weapon, all 40! Just imagine playing Halo with two Rocket Launchers or two plasma rifles. Halo has forever revolutionized the FPS. I love it with all my heart. But GoldenEye needs its due respect.


07-31-2002, 02:14 AM
First of all your picture of Captain Keyes with the pipe is great. I wish I thought of it first.

I also think PD multiplayer is one of the best multiplayers ever. But I still think it lacks the grace of GoldenEye, which I think was the best multiplayer ever. Yes, Perfect Dark had many more options for the multiplayer plus the stats and bots. But the style of the multiplayer rampage in GoldenEye always overshadowed the little extra features of PD multiplayer. PD multiplayer concentrated on strategy, which favored the cheap and made many games annoying. Remember how annoying laptops were. But in GoldenEye, the multiplayer focused purely on skill and timing. Plus you lived long enough to appreciate the crazy battles, while in PD you died way too quickly. Who cares if it was more realistic. Oops you got me first. And the levels in GoldenEye were superior to PD. They just allowed for better gun battles. Remember how fun aiming up the staircase in the Facility was. Even PD's recreation of the Facility and Temple seemed inferior in quality.

Aliens, by themselves, didnt make the game worse. Duh, I loved Halo. I just meant that the really crappy part of PD coincided with the appearance of the aliens. Crash Site, Pelagic II, Deep Sea, Attack Ship, and Skedar Ruins were awful in comparison to the other levels. I think these levels are when they ran out of ideas, threw in aliens, and sucked up the rest of the game. I still think the practice targets in the shooting range of PD are still the best part of that game.

And you had to use the tank in the streets which was a little more than half way into the game. I'm not sure you played that much GoldenEye at all, it doesnt seem like you could have given it a fair chance with your GoldenEye inexperience.

Dont misunderstand me, I LOVE Perfect Dark and cant wait till Perfect Dark Zero. I'll buy a GameCube just for it.

07-31-2002, 02:25 AM
(OppiumNitrate) If you didnt use a tank in the Runway and raced to the end of the Runway, that means two things. You were playing Runway on Agent, which means you sucked at GoldenEye and couldnt have fully appreciated it, and two you didnt get to go on a blissful rampage in the tank that made GoldenEye so fun which StarWarsFanMan recalls well.

You ran over whoever or whatever the hell you wanted to. GoldenEye beat Halo to the tank; it even beat GTA3 to running over the helpless civilian.

Why was the tank in GoldenEye more enjoyable than the Scorpion in Halo? Running over soldiers and civilians and hearing them scream in agony or hearing their body splat is only one of the many reasons.


07-31-2002, 05:09 AM
Don't be SO serious FowlOwl.....5 posts at a time. That was record.

07-31-2002, 09:37 AM
well accully i never ownd a copy of perfect dark my frined did so i didnt get the WHOLE story line i just played random co-op levels with him . . . and again the mulit was far superior in PD in my opinion . . . not just the player vs player mulit . . . . i loved the challenges that they had also againt the little aliens in games like King of the Hill and brifcase(CTF) which if i remember correctly golden eye didnt have . . . also PD had a coustom wepons set if u wanted to choose all the wepons for the game(ie leave the laptop gun out) another thing Halo and 007 were missing. . . . besides the superDragon was the master wepon . . . ^_~

And no i didnt paly 007 on Agent . . . . i played it on 007, and i beat all the levels accept the last 2 and i got so frustraed with them i stoped playing the game the level with the bridges was the one i stop playing i think or the one after that (besides Smash brothers came out and that game owned me for a long time)

08-14-2002, 09:19 AM
I think Halo takes this battle easily. You totally forgot to mention sound too, Halo's being full Dolby Digital which immerses you into the gameplay.

AI, sound, 2 weapon selection, expansive levels, vehicles, they all come together to make it the greatest FPS ever in my opinion.


08-20-2002, 07:10 AM
:cool: Nice thread but I would have to say Halo is better because you get a Ghost, Bansee, and Warthog I like the vehicles but I want to see more of them in the next Halo. I want to see more weapons also. But hey that was pretty good for the first title Halo.:) :)

08-20-2002, 11:20 AM
Originally posted by SoccerCJM77
But hey that was pretty good for the first title Halo.:) :) pretty good? thats like a insult! try exremely good, best fps ever made, or something along those lines.

08-20-2002, 11:28 AM
In the next Halo, I hope Bungie could make a jet that flies like so freakin' fast, and you can shoot with missiles or bombs!!! :cool:

08-20-2002, 11:32 AM
theres a lot of stuff i want in halo 2. and everyone wants all kinds of stuff. just leave it to bungie, im sure they will make a great game. expecially with all the time the have.

08-30-2002, 11:20 PM
the best thing is perfect dark is playing with 8 perfects sims with nothing but remote mines. they dont detonate them :)

08-31-2002, 08:27 AM
Originally posted by xbox_elf
halo sucks,don't contridict me because i OWN the game.

I guess no ones played in a 16 player LAN party. It makes 4 player look 1v1. Greatest moments are the cursing and "I OWNED YOU" remarks. Try to beat the Truth and Rec and The Library on Ledgendary, then say the AI suck, because no one will believe you. You also have never experienced true 5.1, that makes Halo alone worth $50. You might own the game, but maybe you just SUCK at it.

So to add it up in one pic.

09-02-2002, 09:09 PM
Goldeneye - My favorite game on N64.
Halo - My favorite game on Xbox.

Halo or Goldeneye?


Although Halo and Goldeneye are both on my "Top 10 Ever" list, Halo is in the #1 position for MANY reasons.